What are some good tours in Chicago

The 10 best tours in Chicago

Chicago inspires with a variety of sights, impressive architecture and a turbulent history. If you really want to get to know them, you should join a guided tour. There are suitable offers for every area of ​​interest. Here we have put together ten best tours in Chicago for you!

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Sweet Home Chicago: on the move in a fascinating city

Visitors have numerous opportunities to become one guided Chicago city tour to connect. Classics are guided walks downtown among the most important architectural landmarksthat shape the city skyline. Many tours combine the walk with one Boat trip on the Chicago River or on the Lake Michiganto see the tall buildings from a different perspective.

Other tours focus on specific neighborhoods like Chinatown or on a specific theme. Chicago, for example, is considered the home of the Ur-American Deep pan pizza and so you can join a guided tour through "Pizza City“Connect to some of the city's most famous pizzerias. Do you connect Chicago with above all else? Criminal legends like Al Capone, you can follow in their footsteps on a guided tour. If you are unsure which Chicago tour is right for you, you can also visit the Chicago Visitor Information Center at Macy’s on State Street and get advice. Some of the best tours in Chicago that we highly recommend:

1. Architecture cruise on the Chicago River

Probably the most beautiful and leisurely way that impressive architecture of Chicago to experience. You lean back comfortably in your seat on the upper deck of the ship and let the many impressive buildings of Chicago pass you by. To do this, you listen to the English-language explanations of the guide. The The journey takes around 75 minutes and includes all three arms of the Chicago River. You see historical skyscraper like the Wrigley Building and the Tribute Tower at the south end of the city Magnificent Mileand the two twin towers of Marina City known as “Corn on the Cob”.

The Willis Tower (probably better known by its old name Sears Tower) boasted the tallest building in the world when it was completed in 1974. It was not until 1998 that its 442 meters were replaced by the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Today it is still the second tallest skyscraper in the USA after the One World Trade Center in New York, which was completed in 2013. The architecture boat trips on the Chicago River start several times a day at Navy Pier at the confluence of the Chicago River in the Lake Michigan or on Michigan Avenue next to the DuSable Bridge.

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2. A 90-minute crime and gangster tour

At this extraordinary Chicago tour you are on the trail of notorious gangsters and mobsters. While you in the bus As you drive leisurely through the streets of the city, the English-speaking tour guide will tell you everything about the development of the Mafia in Chicago and their most famous representatives. Next Alphonse Gabriel "Al" Caponewho served more or less as a model for all later film clichés about American mobsters, his later successor Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti, Jack “Machine Gun” McGurn and Giacomo “Big Jim” Colosimo belong to it.

The German-born John Dillinger went as one of the greatest bank robber ever entered US history. His last memorial was in 2009 with the film "Public Enemies" starring Johnny Depp. At your Gangster tour in Chicago you will see the cinema where he was finally gunned down in 1934. You will also see the site of the Valentine's Day massacre - an inglorious climax of the gang war on February 14, 1929 - and a mini mobster museum. The Chicago Tour in the footsteps of the gangsters starts at 163 E. Pearson Street bus stop across from Macy’s and takes approximately 90 minutes.

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3. Chicago hop-on hop-off tour

Do you want to stay flexible and interrupt city tours again and again for detailed sightseeing? Then you should Chicago hop-on hop-off bus tour Companies. You can get on at any stop you want, get off and later get on another bus. Tickets are optional for 24 hours, 48 ​​hours or 72 hours valid. The period of validity begins with the validation on the first boarding. This takes place at the Chicago Riverwalk stop (98 E Wacker Drive). Then you can at will twelve more stops get in and out. The price also includes admission to the Chicago Architecture Center and a bag of popcorn. You can pick up a free gym bag from the “Park Shop” in Millennium Park.

ᐅ tip: the hop-on-hop-off buses also run in the evening in the dark. Then they offer brightly lit skyscrapers downtown an impressive sight. Do not miss!


4. Boat tour on Lake Michigan with meal

Lake Michigan (Lake Michigan) is one of the five great lakes of North America and is the only one that the US does not share with Canada. With an area of ​​58,016 square kilometers, it is larger than all of Switzerland, which brings it to just 41,287 square kilometers. At a Boat tour on Lake Michigan With the excursion boat "Spirit of Chicago" you get a small impression of the dimensions of the lake and at the same time enjoy the magnificent view of the sea of ​​houses in Chicago. A delicious buffet is included in the price, including coffee, tea and iced tea, included as well as musical Live entertainment from a DJ. The tours with brunch or lunch last two hours, the evening tours with dinner three hours. The "Spirit of Chicago" casts off at Navy Pier, The language on board is English.

ᐅ Important: Be sure to bring photo ID with you.


5. Architecture boat trip and helicopter flight

This Chicago tour is an extended version of the Boat tour on the Chicago River. After the 75-minute boat ride, you'll be with a Shuttle bus to the heliport brought and lifted to one 15-minute scenic flight from. You will experience the skyscraper architecture of Chicago from a bird's eye view. The entire tour lasts around four hours and is in English.

ᐅ Important: The maximum weight for passengers in the helicopter is 113 kilograms. If you are heavier, that is of course not a problem. Then you just have to reserve two places. Please bring a photo ID with you. The combo tour with boat ride and helicopter flight over Chicago is an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a long time.


6. Seadog Speedboat Tour Chicago Lakefront

A Chicago tour for adrenaline junkies: On this 30-minute tour, you'll be racing in one 2000 hp speedboat on the Lake Michigan along the Chicago skyline. On the way, the English-speaking tour guide will tell you some exciting stories about the Windy City. The speedboat tours along the Chicago Lakefront start several times a day at Navy Pier.

Please remember that these boats are open. The tours cannot take place if it rains. You can look forward to refreshing splashes of water when the weather is nice.


7. Haunted ghost tour of the city's bars and pubs

With this one gruesome and exciting horror tour you will learn everything about the fascinating history of Chicago and visit various bars and pubs. You get an insight into the Stories of ghosts and spiritswho still call Chicago home. A funny 2.5-hour mix of scary tour and pub crawl with English-speaking management. Meet at the Red Lion Pub on Lincoln Avenue.

ᐅ Important: This tour can only be booked from the age of 21. Please be sure to bring photo ID with you, because Americans have no exceptions to the age limit for serving alcohol.


8. The Best Chow Food Tour in Chicago

As "Chow food“Call the Americans simple, hearty and pronounced delicious meals. On this Chow Food Tour in Chicago, you'll learn about the city's most famous dishes that have conquered the whole world: the Chicago pizza of course and the Chicago-style hot dog with its many toppings. Another specialty of the city is that Italian beef sandwich with plenty of roast beef. For those with a sweet tooth there is still Brownies and popcorn. The English speaking Chow food tours lead you in about three hours through the two districts of River North and Streeterville. In addition to the five tastings water is also included in the price.

Meet at Lou Malnati’s Restaurant, 429 N. Wells Street. Do yourself a favor and bring along comfortable shoes in addition to being hungry.


9. Chicago Tour by Bike

In recent years, the city of Chicago has invested a lot of money in a modern remodeling of the lakeside on Lake Michigan. The results are around cozy parks and clean beaches 29 kilometers of car-free bike paths, on which you can cycle along the lake and work off the calories you brought in on the Chow Food Tour. It is best to reserve a voucher for one in advance Bike rental in Chicago. You can choose from trekking bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes. The price includes a helmet, bike lock and a map. The bike rental is located in the immediate vicinity of Lake Michigan. The Lake Shore Drive takes you to the shore and the Lakefront Trail in no time.

ᐅ Tip: In warm weather it is best to head north, because the most beautiful beaches are waiting for you to cool off in between.


10. Welcome to Chicago: Private Chicago Tour in German

Chicago is not as geared towards international tourism as New York, for example. Most tours are therefore only offered in English and sometimes also in Spanish. Do you value one German-speaking tour guide, can you do one private Chicago tour Book with a German-speaking local. Your companion picks you up at your hotel and shows you the highlights of the city. You can decide yourself which sides of Chicago you want to get to know better, for example Architecture, history or gastronomy. If you want to visit paid attractions, you simply pay for your companion.


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