Why do people never find menstration sweet?

Why You Are Fatter During Your Period

A healthy diet and exercise are unfortunately useless. The fact is, you are fatter during your period. Especially in the already lousy 5 days before menstruation, our weight increases. And that's pretty neat: women gain between half a pound and up to five kilograms before their menstrual period. Great.

Why do you get fat before your period?

First of all, the good news: It is mostly not body fat that you put on before your days. The most common reason why you are now getting fat is the hormone progesterone, which is produced to a greater extent, especially after ovulation.

Progesterone prepares our body for pregnancy. The uterine lining is better supplied with blood through the increased hormone output, which prepares the implantation of a fertilized egg cell.

Bingo. But if we don't get pregnant, the progesterone balance in the body drops again - we menstruate. The problem: With the decrease in progesterone, our body now stores more water in the cells. As a result, we weigh more, feel bloated and have gas (thanks to nature for making it up!).

What helps against pre-menstrual weight gain?

Well You have to ensure that not so much water is stored, so you should drink more water now (sounds paradoxical, but it ensures that your body does not store memory!) And eat low-sodium, i.e. low-salt foods.

Because if we take in more salt than necessary, the body cells store even more water. If we reduce the salt content in our food and beverages, our bodies need less water to work efficiently. That means: Drink as much water as possible in the days before menstruation and do not eat too much salty food (if possible: no over-salted ready-made meals!).

Cravings before the period: is that why we're gaining weight?

During the PMS period (premenstrual syndrome), i.e. in the 5 days before your period, the stress hormone cortisol increases in your body. You feel aggressive and nervous, especially because the feel-good hormone serotonin drops at the same time. However, your body wants to feel good, which is why it sends out a desire for something fatty and sweet. Because this increases the serotonin level (at least for a short time).

So it's no wonder why you put on weight before your menstrual period.

If you want to fight it, instead of donuts, chocolate and pizza with extra cheese you could deliberately opt for healthier, but also sweet snacks: bananas, mango, pineapple, dried fruit, melons. Unfortunately, there is no such delicious substitute for fat, but good: Cashew nuts, avocados, flax seeds, quinoa, eggs, salmon, mackerel and tuna should satisfy the cravings and are also healthy. Because don't forget: the healthier you eat, the more comfortable you will feel in your body for the next few days.

Incidentally, it makes sense to incorporate more fiber and protein-rich foods into your diet two weeks before menstruation. These help regulate blood sugar levels and hormone production.

Magnesium Deficiency: A Reason for Gaining Weight During Your Period

In the second half of the cycle, the levels of estrogen and progsterone rise. The higher these two values ​​rise, the lower the magnesium content in your body drops. This drop leads to less insulin being produced. But then you suddenly have an increased craving for sugar.

The good news: you can make up for this magnesium deficiency with diet. Raw cocoa, pumpkin seeds, cashews, walnuts, almonds, pecans, avocados, bananas, beans and green leafy vegetables have a high magnesium content. This is why many people crave chocolate before and during their period.

Magnesium deficiency is also a common cause of muscle cramps, circulatory disorders, migraines and abdominal pain, which most women are familiar with during their period. Therefore, the magnesium stores should be well replenished. Athletes in particular tend to have a magnesium deficiency. You can find more information here.