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Day 16: the very last hours of the COP and sight-seeing in Hyderabad

Before I tell you about our city excursion on Saturday, a little addendum to Friday night, the final end of COP11: A lot of patience and sitting was required, because after the reception from South Korea, we all sat in the large plenary hall and waited for that the contracting states finally agreed on common goals for the top topic of this COP resource mobilization. On the large display boards, the time for the beginning of the final plenary session was constantly pushed back every half an hour, so that until the end it was unclear to us when it should start again and how long it would then take. It was good that all the other NGO representatives were waiting with us so that we could use the opportunity to chat again with all the many people we had met over the past two weeks and to say goodbye.
At about 1 o'clock the redeeming news finally came that it would go on. Of course, we immediately rushed to the corresponding draft resolution and found that the donor countries would double the financial resources for biodiversity by 2015 and that the developing countries should give more consideration to biodiversity in their national priority. We were actually quite satisfied with this result, it is a shame that all the goals that have been formulated are only “preliminary goals” and that many things will probably be discussed again at the next COP in two years' time. Overall, however, it was certainly a step in the right direction that can be built on and that guarantees more money for biodiversity protection.

At around 3:30 am the COP was officially over, we didn't miss the opportunity to take a quick photo with CBD secretary Braulio Dias and invite him to visit Germany. Tired but happy, we finally left the conference center at around 4 a.m.

The next morning, after a little sleep, we started at 10:30 a.m. on a GYBN city trip together in Hyderabad! Our Indian friends Swetha and Nymisha, as well as Melina and Magin from Brazil and Canada accompanied us.
Since we have always taken the bus or rickshaw, this time we decided to travel by train, which is also the cheapest here in India. When the train rolled in, we were surprised to find that the wagons are separated for men and women (like everything in India;)) and we men just managed to jump into another wagon. The train itself was quite slow, which was good because it had no doors and very few seats.

After an hour's drive we reached our destination station and from there took the rickshaw to our sight-seeing destination - the Golconda Fort. This palatial, gigantic fortification is really an impressive structure, so we quickly agreed that the little trip would be worth it was worth going here.

We entered the facility and started our ascent, because the whole facility extends on a large hill at the top of which a large stone building is enthroned. We learned that the facility had existed since the 16th century and that its owners usually had more than 200 women. The old palace complexes, often ornately decorated, showed us that a high culture must have lived here very early. The whole thing was then crowned by the sensational view of the roof balcony of the building on the top of the hill. From there we could see over the whole city and had a wonderful view. On the other hand, it was a bit annoying to want to take a photo with us, the constant inquiries from the Indians, so that we are now immortalized on countless Indian photos.

When we left the Golconda Fort it was already late afternoon and we decided to go downtown to buy sarees and souvenirs for Germany. On the way there it started raining cats and dogs and since the rickshaws let in a considerable amount of water, especially on the sides, most of us got quite wet.

After that we could really let off steam in the shopping mall and most of us stocked up on sarees, clothes and other Indian gifts. Tomorrow will show whether all of this fits in the suitcase;). Later in the evening we went dancing in a small club inside the shopping mall and celebrated the successful cooperation at this COP. However, the music there was so uncomfortably loud that most of us were not unhappy when it shut down at midnight. Tired after a long day in the city and fully packed with our purchases, we took a taxi back to our hotel and a beautiful day came to an end.

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