Who was Simon Dach

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Simon Dach (engraving after an oil painting by Philipp Westphal)


29th of July: Simon Dach was born in Memel as the son of a court interpreter in his parents' house. Although the mother comes from respected Memel merchant circles, the family lives in modest circumstances.


Dach first received his schooling in Memel.


Dach made it possible for relatives to move to Königsberg and attend the cathedral school there.


As a family member of the young theologian Martin Wolter, a relative, he moved to Wittenberg, where he attended the city school for three years.

Plague epidemic in the city.


From there he moves to Magdeburg for a three-year high school.


Visit of the Magdeburg City School.


Return to Koenigsberg.


Dach enrolls in Königsberg as a theology student. He devotes himself to classical languages, rhetoric and poetry, but without completing his studies with an academic degree.

Employment as a tutor for a councilor.


On his recommendation, Dach becomes a collaborator (fourth teacher) at the cathedral school.


Thanks to Badger's friendship and collaboration with the composer Heinrich Albert, many of his casual carmina are set to music. The poet's two dramatic plays are also occasion poems (first printed in 1696).

The first Singspiel, "Cleomedes", is performed on the occasion of the stay of the Polish King Wladislaw IV.


Dach becomes vice principal at the same cathedral school.


August 1st: Dach is appointed professor of poetry at the University of Königsberg. Member of the Königsberg poets' circle.


Dach becomes a master's degree. As a faculty member at Königsberg University, Dach takes on the Dean's office five times. That is why he often celebrates festive occasions at the university in his many Latin poems.

Elector Friedrich Wilhelm takes over the government until 1688.


29th of July: Two years after being promoted to professor, Dach married Regina Pohl, the daughter of a court attorney in Königsberg. Her marriage resulted in five children.


Despite a vacant apartment, which the council grants him, and regardless of the at times considerable additional income from contract seals, Dach's economic circumstances remain modest.

The second Singspiel, »Sorbuisa«, is conceived and performed for the centenary of the Königsberg University.

Foundation of the Praiseworthy Shepherd and Flower Order on the Peignitz, the Peignitz shepherds.


May 9th: Performance of his Singspiel »Prussarchia« in front of the courtyard.


Dach becomes seriously ill.


Dach takes on the honorable office of Rector.


He receives a 10-hoof estate called Kuykeim in Samland as a gift from Elector Friedrich Wilhelm. After the 20-year-old, later Great Elector, took office, an almost friendly relationship developed between Dach and his sovereign.


April 15th: Dach dies in Königsberg.