Which ice cream has the least sugar?

How much sugar is there in the ice cream?

In summer you can hardly do without: a delicious, cool ice cream. But be careful: many types of ice cream are real sugar traps. How many sugar cubes are in which frozen ice cream and why it is often worth making the ice cream yourself.

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Germans love fruit ice cream. According to the Union of Italian Ice Cream Manufacturers in Germany (Uniteis), more and more people are choosing strawberry, mango or lemon ice cream from the display case. But varieties such as chocolate and vanilla are still popular.

The "CodeCheck" barcode app took a close look at popular ice cream flavors from the refrigerated shelf and checked how much sugar there is in the cool snack - and that's not all that little.

The most popular ice cream flavors in the CodeCheck sugar test:

Magnum almond

A classic and one of the most popular types of ice cream: the chocolate-coated ice cream contains a whopping 25 grams of sugar. That translates to almost eight sugar cubes.

Cornetto hazelnut

The milk ice cream in the waffle has been around for more than 50 years. It contains 18 grams of sugar. That translates to almost six sugar cubes.

Nogger Choc

The chocolate ice cream also contains 18 grams of sugar - that makes six sugar cubes.


One suspects fewer calories with water ice. Compared to Magnum and Cornetto, that's also true. Nevertheless, there are eleven grams of sugar in the ice cream with the crackling tip. That's just under four sugar cubes.


The orange-flavored ice cream weighs twelve grams of sugar - a good four sugar cubes.

Slippery fingers

The ice cream, which is popular with children, contains a full twelve grams of sugar and thus four sugar cubes.

Big sandwich

The waffle ice cream has been around since 1956. It makes up twelve grams of sugar or four sugar cubes.

Solero Exotic

Fruity and above all sweet: 17 grams of sugar and therefore more than five sugar cubes make this ice cream a sugar trap.

bum Bum

The ice cream with the chewing gum stick has twelve grams of sugar. That is the equivalent of four sugar cubes.

Calippo Cola

The water ice is a real sugar bomb. It contains a whole 21 grams of sugar - the equivalent of seven sugar cubes.

Do-it-yourself tips

Ice cream can also be made quickly yourself. The advantage: You determine the sugar content.

The cookbook author Christin Geweke, for example, relies on berries. One of her favorite recipes is that "Nice cream", a homemade ice cream made from just two ingredients.

"For this, bananas are frozen, then briefly defrosted and mashed in a blender. This gives them a very creamy base. If you add frozen berries to the blender, you get a super delicious soft ice cream - without any household sugar."

Lynn Hoefer uses raspberries for this, for example. They can also be bought fresh, but should be frozen briefly before blending so that the ice doesn't get too mushy.

Also a summer popsicles is quick and easy with berries: "A good combination for this is a creamy portion of yoghurt or coconut milk, which is sweetened with honey or rice syrup, depending on your taste."

There are also pureed berries, Hoefer recommends strawberries or blueberries, for example. Either you mix both components immediately and put them together in a mold for ice lollies.

It looks nicer when the creamy components and the fruit puree are put into the mold separately. "To do this, you first add a layer of yoghurt or coconut milk and let it freeze for half an hour to three quarters of an hour - then the second layer follows." The ice cream is ready after about six to eight hours in the freezer.

Note: A cube of sugar weighs three grams. The information provided by the CodeCheck testers relates to one serving. Information on the types of ice cream can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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