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International applicants please read the FAQ of the International Students Office.

International applicants please read the FAQ of the International Students Office.

Before applying to KIT

Can I apply before the application portals open?

No. It is not possible to apply before the application pool has opened. Your details must be recorded in the approval system. You must also sign the application form and send it in on time together with the required documents. The application portals are expected to open for the winter semester in mid / late May. For applications for the summer semester, the portals are expected to open at the end of November.

Can I apply to KIT one year in advance?

No. Applications are only possible for the following semester. Applications for a later start of the course can therefore not be considered. You are only advised to apply in advance if you cannot start your studies immediately due to a state-recognized service.

As a former high school graduate, do I have separate application deadlines?

No, there are NO separate application deadlines for former high school graduates (i.e. everyone who received their university entrance qualification before January 16 of the current year).

Can I authorize someone to submit my application?

For the application, your parents / someone else must have received an authorization from you, the original of which must be submitted with the application. Otherwise, only you can apply for the application with the required documents yourself.

Please note:
As an authorized representative, please submit the original power of attorney together with the other required application or registration documents. If you act as an authorized representative for both the application and the enrollment, please do not hesitate to contact us two Issue powers of attorney so that you can send in a document with the relevant documents.

Submission of power of attorney for application / enrollment

Should I apply for voluntary military service or federal voluntary service?

It makes sense to apply for a study place at the beginning of or during the recognized service. If you get a study place and cannot take it due to the service, you are entitled to preferential admission after the end of your service life. To do this, you need to reapply at one of the next two possible dates, submitting the relevant notification of admission.

additional Information

I have already applied to KIT once. Do I have to send in all documents again now?

Documents from previous applications cannot be taken into account because if you do not enroll, they will have to be deleted or destroyed after the process has been completed. Please apply again with all the necessary documents.

How and where can I take the mandatory orientation test?

All applicants in Baden-Württemberg are required to complete an orientation process. The new interdisciplinary self-test for study orientation, in short "Orientation Test" or "OT", which was created by the universities of Baden-Württemberg on the initiative of the Ministry of Science, is particularly suitable for this. You can take this orientation test at complete.

If you are interested in studying to become a teacher, you can take the Baden-Württemberg "teacher test" online. This is the first mandatory self-test nationwide for future teacher training students.

I have already studied. Can I start all over again?

If you were or are already enrolled in the same or a related course of study at another university and you have already completed your work there, it is still possible to start your studies in the first semester if you do not want your work done there to be taken into account. If you were or are already enrolled in the same or a related course of study at KIT and have already achieved achievements, you can only start your studies in the first semester if the achievements you have achieved are not sufficient for a placement in a higher semester.

How many courses can I apply for at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology?

You can apply for a maximum of 3 courses with restricted admission at the same time.

What happens if the application deadline ends on a Sunday, public holiday or Saturday?

If the end of a preclusive period falls on a Sunday, public holiday or Saturday, the period ends at the end of the corresponding day and is not extended to the end of the next working day. KIT has a mailbox at building 10.12 (student service) that is emptied at midnight.

At which German schools abroad are exams taken to obtain a German university entrance qualification?

The Standing Conference provides an overview of the schools.

Which regulations apply to applicants with AbiBac?

AbiBac expresses the intention of the German and French governments to expand teaching in the language and culture of the partner country and to promote student mobility. Since this qualification is recognized in both countries, students who have acquired it automatically have a university entrance qualification as well as access to training and employment both in their own country and in the partner country. Proof of linguistic ability to study is not required for applicants with AbiBac. The International Baccalaureate (IB) does not fall under this rule. Please note the regulations on foreign and other educational certificates.

I completed my bachelor's degree at KIT and would like to continue with my master's degree

There are separate instructions for applicants who would like to seamlessly follow their bachelor’s degree at KIT with a master’s degree at KIT.

Will the application deadline for bachelor's programs with restricted admission be extended due to the coronavirus and the postponement of the Abitur examination?

Due to the corona virus and the postponement of the Abitur exams, the statutory deadline for admission-restricted bachelor's programs has been postponed to July 31, 2021. The application deadlines for bachelor's and master's programs with no admission remain unchanged.

Change of university and / or course of study

Implementation of the online application

Required documents for the application
What documents do I need for an application?

The documents you have to submit for an application depend on the degree program and final goal and whether you are applying for the first or a higher semester. At the end of the online application and on the control view, the general documents to be submitted for each application are listed. ATTENTION: You may need to submit additional documents for the degree program for which you are applying. Please read the selection statutes of the degree program carefully! The statutes are available for the respective courses.

Can I apply with my preliminary high school diploma?

If the university entrance qualification certificate for the chosen course of study is not yet available by the end of the application period, the application for admission can be based on a provisional certificate. The provisional certificate must be based on already completed examinations for the acquisition of the university entrance qualification, contain a preliminary assessment of the examination achievements and be issued by an authority authorized to issue grades or certificates. Admission on the basis of a provisional certificate is to be granted on the condition that the university entrance qualification is proven by the time of enrollment at the latest and the provisional admission is confirmed by the final certificate. In addition, the final certificate is not taken into account in the ranking list for admission. If the proof is not provided on time, the admission will expire. (Hochschulvergabeverordnung HVVO of 13.1.2003 §3 (8)).

What is the health insurance certificate or the 3-fold form?

Every applicant must submit a health insurance certificate at the latest at the time of enrollment. You can find out what such an insurance certificate looks like and where you can get it on our information pages on health insurance. There you will also find short video tutorials on the subject.

Do I have to enclose a CV / letter of motivation with the application?

A curriculum vitae is not generally required for the application. Exceptions apply to individual courses. Please note the information on the course pages and in the control view at the end of the application.

Do I need official certifications and what form does it have to be?

For German evidence, it is sufficient to submit a simple copy. Foreign documents must be submitted in certified form.

The official certification must contain at least:

  • a note - certification note - which certifies that the copy / copy corresponds to the original
  • the signature of the notarizing person and the imprint of the official seal

An official seal usually contains an emblem. A simple written stamp is not enough. If the copy / copy consists of several single sheets, it must be proven that each page comes from the same document. It is sufficient if only one page is provided with the authentication note and the signature, provided that all sheets are placed on top of one another (e.g. like a scale), stapled and sealed in such a way that part of the official seal appears on each side.

Of course, each page can also be certified separately. In this case, however, make sure that your name is on each page of the original. If it is not stated everywhere, it must be included in the certification notes, along with a reference to the type of document.

If there is a copy on the front and back of a sheet and the content of both sides is important, the certification notice must refer to the front and back (e.g. "This is to certify that the copy in front of / around matches the original "). If this is not the case, the front and back must be certified separately.

If there is a seal impressed in the paper on the original (a so-called embossed seal), this will usually not be visible on the copy. The certification note on the copy must then be expanded to include an embossed seal from the issuer of the certificate / certificate on the original.

If the certification does not meet the requirements mentioned, the KIT does not recognize the receipt. A copy of a certification is not valid!

Can I submit the recognition of the university entrance qualification later?

In the degree programs with restricted admission, the selection process takes place immediately after the application deadline. Without submission of a recognized university entrance qualification, you will be excluded from the procedure.

Exception: Germans with a foreign university entrance qualification can apply with a provisional certificate if the final university entrance qualification certificate is not yet available by the end of the application period. The provisional certificate must be based on examinations that have already been completed in full, contain the preliminary assessment of the examinations and be issued by an authority authorized to issue grades or to issue certificates. Admission is subject to the proviso that the university entrance qualification is proven by the time you enroll. See also "Can I apply with a preliminary high school diploma?".

I applied for several courses. How many copies of my documents do I have to submit?

For each individual application, you must submit copies of the documents required on the inspection screen. It is therefore not sufficient, for example, to just hand in a copy of the high school diploma if you are applying for more than one degree program. If you submit the documents only once for several applications, then these documents will only be recognized for one application and the other applications will be temporarily excluded. If you submit the relevant documents by the end of the application period, these applications will also take part in the process.

Will I get my documents back as soon as the application process has been completed?

No, the documents will not be returned in principle. Therefore, please make sure that you do not send in any original documents.

During the online application
I noticed an error in my online application!

If you have discovered an error in your personal data and have applied for a bachelor's degree with restricted admission, you must first correct your personal data on From there, the corrected data is transmitted to the KIT application portal. Then call up the application you have already created in the detailed view in the KIT application portal under "My applications" and withdraw this application. Now put one new Application and reapply for the course of your choice. If the data is correct, then print out the application documents again and send the complete documents, including all the documents listed on the control screen, to the student service again, even if you have already sent them to KIT for the previous course.

If you have discovered an error in your personal data and have applied for a bachelor's, teacher training or master’s degree with no admission, you must change the data on the KIT application portal. Log into the application portal with your user name and password and withdraw your application in the detailed view under "My applications". Now put one new Application and reapply for the course of your choice. If the data is now correct, then print out the application documents again and resend the complete documents, including all of the documents listed on the control screen, to the student service, even if you have already sent them to KIT for the previous course.

I have already applied online for a course at KIT and now want to change my course of study!

Simply log into the application portal with your user name and password. Go to the "My Applications" page in the detailed view of the degree program and withdraw the application for the degree program for which you no longer wish to apply. Do not do this and apply again, apply in parallel for your old and your new study plan! Now put one new Application and reapply for the course of your choice. Then print out the new application documents again and send the complete documents, including all documents named on the control screen, to the student service again, even if you have already sent them to KIT for the previous course.

If you withdraw your application for a degree program with restricted admission, please also remember to adjust your prioritization of the degree programs on if necessary.

Admission and enrollment

How is the selection made in the degree programs with restricted admission?

Only a limited number of places are available in courses of study with restricted admission. If there are more applicants than there are places available, a selection will be made from among the applicants. After deducting the advance quotas (hardship cases 5%, foreigners 10%, second degree applicants 2%, locality in the public interest 1%), 10% of the study places are then awarded to the applicants with the longest waiting time. Waiting time is the time, usually given in six months, that has elapsed since acquiring the university entrance qualification (Abitur) without being enrolled at a German university. The remaining 90% of the study places are allocated through a selection process. The KIT faculties define the selection criteria for the individual courses in the selection statutes. Applicants should familiarize themselves with the selection statutes for their degree program. The statutes are available from the respective courses.

What does the main procedure mean in the award procedure for degree programs with restricted admission?

After the application deadline, the so-called main procedure begins. Based on the criteria set out in the selection statutes for the respective degree program, ranking lists are created and the available places are allocated accordingly. Applicants receive a letter of admission that contains an acceptance or enrollment period. By the end of this period, the applicant must apply for enrollment in the application portal, submit the missing documents to the student service and pay the semester fee. Is the acceptance or enrollment deadline. The unaccepted study places will then be allocated in the replacement procedure.

What does the replacement procedure mean in the award procedure for degree programs with restricted admission?

Experience has shown that not all applicants accept the study place allocated in the main procedure. If there are still places available after the main process has been completed, these will be allocated in the replacement process. No new application is necessary for this. Every applicant who did not get a place in the main process automatically takes part in the replacement process. However, only those who have already applied within the application deadline will actually take part. A separate registration for the replacement procedure is not possible. If not all university places are accepted in the replacement procedure, there may be further replacement procedures or a lottery procedure for which new applications can be submitted.

By when do I have to enroll?

For courses with restricted admission, the enrollment period depends on the time of acceptance or issuance of the admission. Therefore there is no fixed enrollment date here. The enrollment date that applies to you can be found in the letter of admission, which is provided in the application portal (under "Documents"). If you do not enroll by the date stated on the notification of admission, your admission will expire and the study place will be given to another applicant.

I applied for a degree with restricted admission at KIT, but received neither an admission nor a rejection letter

This indicates that you did not receive admission in the main procedure. Before notices of rejection are sent, up to two follow-up procedures are carried out. This lasts until the beginning of the lectures in October.

When and where do I get my student ID?

After enrolling, all students receive the KITCard (student ID) with the matriculation number under which they are kept during their entire study period at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The KITCard serves as a payment card, for access controls, as a library card, as a copy card and as a master card for the semester ticket of the Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund (KVV).

When registering in the student portal, you will be asked to upload a passport photo for creating your student ID. As soon as the KITCard is ready to be picked up, you will automatically receive an email from KIT Campus Security stating when and where you can pick it up personally.

More information is available at

Cancellation of enrollment

I have received admission but do not want to accept the place

You can actively return the study place in the application portal and thus enable it to be passed on to another applicant at an early stage or simply let the deadline for enrollment pass. After the enrollment period has expired, the study place will be reassigned. In this case, it is of course not necessary to pay the semester fee

I have received a study place at KIT, applied for enrollment and have already paid the fees. Now I don't want to take the place

You can withdraw from your study place up to the start of the lecture period and have the semester fee that you have already paid refunded. Please fill out the application for fee reimbursement and the application for de-registration and make sure to include your full bank details (IBAN, BIC, name of the bank, first and last name of the account holder, as well as SWIFT for payments to non-European countries)

If you have already received your KIT card or you should receive it in the next few days, the reimbursement will only be made if you return the student ID including all enrollment certificates or an informal declaration of their destruction (see application for de-registration).

Please send the application to the following address:

Karlsruher Institute for Technology
Service unit study and teaching
- Student Service -
Kaiserstrasse 12
76131 Karlsruhe