Are there past lives 2

Reincarnation therapy is not safe

Have i lived before In another time, in another place, in another body - as a man or a woman? An Austrian regression therapist wants to provide answers to questions like these. On their homepage, the regression is described as "one of the most fascinating and healing experiences on the way to self-knowledge".

Claudia Illichmann is not alone with her promise, numerous "therapists" and energy ethicists offer regressions throughout Austria. Most of them have acquired their qualifications within a few days at esoteric institutes. However, the regression treatment does not claim any therapy. Rather, current behavior patterns and problems are to be recognized with the help of the memories. "Solution work on a purely spiritual subtle level", so the explanatory wording on the mentioned web page. The self-healing process is supposedly generated through the insight and acceptance of spiritual karmic relationships.

Historically refuted

"There is no scientific evidence that a person lived before he was born, nor that he can be led into earlier existences. That is pure speculation," says Krista Federspiel, medical journalist and member of the Science Council of the Society for Scientific Research Investigation of Parasciences (GWUP).

However, the statements made by some people who were returned are impressively precise. A famous example is the 25-year-old technology student Rudolf T. from Munich, who reported on his life as a greengrocer during his return. His information about how he lived as Guy Lafarge in the 18th century in Wissembourg / Weißenburg in Alsace was very detailed. Among other things, he also named the population of Wissembourg (250) and his own exact time of death. He was able to convince his psychotherapist Thorwald Dethlefsen of the existence of reincarnation.

The Weißenburg local historian Auguste Schaaf was able to refute this. He checked the student's stories and found out that all the information provided by the hypnotized person, including the number of inhabitants in Weißenburg (in fact, the place had 5,400 inhabitants at the given point in time). were pure fiction.

For Dethlefsen, however, there was evidence that the life of the greengrocer was simply too banal for Rudolf T. to have read or heard the biographical details anywhere.

King or executioner

In terms of content, however, the student's story is an exceptional example. "Very few people say in their repatriation that the household helpers or greengrocers were. Much more often they were members of a royal family or executioners," says Federspiel.

Fantasizing is therefore preferred by outstanding personalities. For Federspiel, this is also an indication that the stories have nothing to do with reality, as it is rather unlikely that Cleopatra was not reborn in the body of one, but of countless people.

Thorwald Dethlefsen's books on regression into previous lives still sold as bestsellers, and Hollywood star Shirley Mc Laine and Chris Griscom, a spiritual life teacher from New Mexico, helped spread the idea of ​​reincarnation.

Fabulous subconscious

People are supposedly made capable of remembering by being put into a trance by reincarnation therapists, for example through hypnosis. "In this state, there are often fables. Memory modules are linked with one another and this is how whole stories arise in people's imaginations," says Federspiel, describing how the plausible and detailed stories are created.

The method is sometimes dangerous, especially when therapists bring their clients into a different state of consciousness through holotropic breathing. "This form of hyperventilation reduces blood flow to the brain and can lead to brain damage and, in extreme cases, death," says Federspiel.

Holotropic breathing is also offered as a separate method within transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. Here, too, breathing is supposed to change consciousness in order to give people access to repressed problems and unprocessed birth experiences.

For mentally ill people, holotropic breathing, like reincarnation therapy, is a particular danger. People who suffer from schizophrenia, for example, can experience psychotic attacks. "These crises are often neither recognized by the users, nor do they know how to deal with them," says Federspiel.

An expensive look into the past

Looking into your own past can not only be dangerous, it can also be quite expensive. Because reincarnation therapy is usually not always done with one session. Often the clients are treated for four weeks, with a two-hour therapy being carried out every day. The costs for this period are on average 3,000 euros.

The high costs also arise from the fact that the clients live in a therapy center, hotel or guesthouse during therapy. Separated from the normal environment, external telephone contacts are also discouraged. "Isolation always leads to a change in experience," emphasizes Federspiel, referring to the Scientology sect, who use reincarnation therapeutic methods to impose world views on people. "This is brainwashing, influencing the client's experience," says Federspiel and, with regard to this, strongly advises against recourse to repatriation. (Regina Walter,, 1.3.2013)