Who is the most famous Beatle

50 years of Abbey Road photo : The most famous zebra crossing in the world

"Abbey Road" was supposed to be the eleventh and last joint studio album by the Beatles. The band was behind schedule for release - so the idea of ​​flying to the Himalayas for a photo shoot was discarded. An alternative was needed.

Then it happened very quickly: The four Beatles called in the photographer Ian MacMillan. On the morning of August 8, 1969, he took the famous picture of John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison and walking across the street.

Album with no name

The album got its name from the eponymous Abbey Road 3, corner of Grove End Road, which is located in the London borough of St. John's Wood in the City of Westminster. This is where the recording studios were located, in which the majority of the "Abbey Road" album recordings were made. The album cover was designed by John Kosh. The special thing about it: It is the only Beatles album cover that has neither a band name nor an album title. Kosh is said to have said later that he thought a title was superfluous - after all, the Beatles were the most famous band in the world at the time. For the US magazine Rolling Stone, the album is number 14 of the 500 best albums of all time.

Snapshot with conspiracy theories

In retrospect, the image had no deeper meaning for the musicians. But later, new conspiracy theories continued to flourish around the cover - Paul McCartney is the only one in the photo barefoot, a cigarette in the left-hander's right hand was later retouched. This fed the idea of ​​the "Paul is dead" theory, according to which the Beatle is said to have died as early as 1966 and was replaced by a double. Paul McCartney denied it years later and had himself photographed again on the pedestrian crossing - this time with shoes.

Today the zebra crossing is a big tourist magnet, numerous imitations and snapshots were taken there. The VW Beetle, which can be seen in the photo on the left side of the road, later made it to Germany. At an auction in the spring of 1999 it achieved 34,160 D-Marks and has been in the VW Museum in Wolfsburg ever since.

The famous zebra crossing itself has been a listed building since December 2010. However, a webcam allows you to log in anywhere in the world and follow what is happening on Abbey Road 3, at the corner of Grove End Road.

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