Jobs are easy to find in Georgia

American Dream - These professionals are particularly in demand in the United States

If there is no demand for your expertise, the American Dream will be over before it really begins. For this reason, you should investigate in advance whether specialists are being sought in your area in order to maximize your job opportunities.

At the moment there is an acute shortage of skilled workers in many industries in the USA, which you can use to your advantage. As the following list shows, the fields of technology and medicine in particular are looking for professionals - including from abroad:

  • Environmental and energy technology
  • Mechanical engineering and mechanics
  • Information and communicationtechnology
  • Medical technology
  • medicine
  • Teaching positions
  • Financial services

These are the areas that are currently desperately looking for skilled workers - if you find yourself here, your chances are high to find a job in the USA and to reorient yourself professionally.

The same applies if you want to study at a private college - the students are more or less “handpicked” and therefore have to convince with their commitment to school in the form of grades and additional services, such as taking on extracurricular tasks. "Just apply" without knowing what exactly is required does not lead to the goal.

If you are admitted, however, it is only to your advantage: Although studying at such a university is expensive, personal contact with the professors is much closer (the student-professor ratio is often less than 10: 1 Students often poached directly from the university so that their professional career continues seamlessly. Perhaps this is a good opportunity for you, as an immigrant, too.