What if life were the perfect simulation

Simulation hypothesisThe whole world is a only one simulation

It's all just simulation, says the philosopher Nick Bostrom. We and our world are not real, everything is just a computer simulation. That seems to convince people like Tesla boss Elon Musk.

Nick Bostrom is no nut, he teaches philosophy at Oxford University. There he founded the Future of Humanity Institute - a multidisciplinary research center in which mathematicians, philosophers and scientists think about "global priorities and big questions of humanity". And maybe this institute is the basis for a more sophisticated civilization that simulates our world in a computer.

Perhaps we're already living in a simulation, says Nick Bostrom in his simulation hypothesis.

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In his essay "Are You Living In a Computer Simulation?" he first expressed his thoughts in 2003, which have been discussed again and again around the world since then. Nick Bostrom therefore believes it is entirely possible that we are already living in a simulation today.

Computer technology has improved so much in the past few years that, if development continues like this, in a few years we could start our own simulations that look extremely real. It could also be used to simulate living beings that have a consciousness. But they lack the awareness that they are programmed.

If you want to drive yourself crazy, you can drive the simulation hypothesis into infinity. Because who says that the few who started the simulation are not part of a simulation themselves? We, in our simulation, could start a simulation again. And there is the assumption that our creators use our simulation too much computing power and therefore they simply switch us off at some point.

Whether or not there is a real superordinate reality cannot be proven. And we can only live and think in the reality we are in - whether it is simulated or not.