What is the SAP function in India

SAP is investing heavily in India

Due to its size, geographical location, population and economic potential, India is one of the most important future markets worldwide. That is why more and more tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet are investing in the Indian market. Now the largest European software company SAP has also decided to take this step.

SAP will invest the equivalent of 55 million euros in Indian cloud infrastructure in order to make its multicloud solutions available to customers there.

"SAP's commitment to supporting India's vision for growth remains a top priority. We are determined to do this by working more closely with our customers, ecosystem and government. Our investment in India is on accelerating the country's digital agenda and transforming." of our customers in the cloud, ”said Scott Russell, President of SAP Asia Pacific Japan.

In May last year, SAP rolled out its Commerce and S / 4 HANA cloud solutions in the data center in India to help domestic companies meet customer needs and enable smooth trading while complying with data protection regulations.

THE SHAREHOLDER rates SAP's engagement in India positively. Because this is how the software specialist secures market shares in one of the most important future markets in the world. Invested stay with it.

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