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Spotify Pumped: This is how the personalized HIIT workout works

Corona has forced many of us to rethink our exercise routine: fitness studios were closed for months, and even now most of them are subject to strict regulations. If you still wanted to keep your own muscles in shape, sooner or later you might have flirted with home workouts. Now Spotify has a suitable new offer ready: "Spotify Pumped".
Spotify Pumped is a personalized HIIT workout service (initially only available in English) that makes you sweat quickly with the combination of music and instructions from the trainer. And you are guaranteed, because "HIIT" stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is a particularly effective method for burning fat. Spotify Pumped is free and you don't even need an account with the streaming provider! In fact, the whole thing works via your browser: you simply visit the Spotify Pumped website and you're ready to go.
There you indicate where you want to train: inside, outside or in space (no joke)? You then choose a level of difficulty (easy, medium, intensive) and set the duration of the training (7, 14 or 21 minutes). In the next step you will be asked who should guide you through the training. There are four votes to choose from. Neither of them are professional trainers - but they all know how to speak to an audience they can't see, because all four are podcast presenters.
Dani Dyer hosts (with her father Danny) the soon-to-be-released advice podcast Sorted with the Dyers. Tazer Black is moderator at 3ShotsOfTequila, where he talks to his two colleagues about life as black men in London. Tolly T moderates The Receipts Podcast together with her two co-presenters, which they call "unadulterated girl talk". Last but not least, you can choose from Niall Breslin, who in Where Is My Mind? answered all sorts of everyday questions. You don't know any of the four? Don't worry: Before you decide, you can play a short audio sample of each of them and choose the voice that speaks to you the most (and of course motivates you).
The next step is when things get serious: Now it's about the right genre! From pop, R&B, rock, dance, indie, electronic, hip hop, rap, jazz and metal, you can choose four genres from which your workout playlist should consist. Would you like something more personalized? Then after another click you have the chance to log in with your Spotify account and let your personal algorithm decide.
And then it starts! Cool animations accompany the music and show you which exercise to do - so it doesn't matter if your English isn't that good. Everything happens very quickly; In interval training, you do many short but strenuous exercises in a row. These include, for example, the classic squats or the knee lever run. Depending on the level of difficulty selected, the exercises vary in level of difficulty, but are never complicated - and of course there are also regular breaks.

So instead of just doing a few sit-ups and doing your "mix of the week" at the same time, you can now sweat to your favorite music - or maybe even discover new music while doing sports! Pretty cool right?