What does Gecerim mean in Turkish

Translation of "gib gas" in Turkish

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Accelerate, we're going to see the bigwigs!
It's about 12 blocks from here, so accelerate.
Buradan 12 sokak uzakta, o yüzden çabuk ol.
No no, accelerate, accelerate!
Shut up, and accelerate.
Kes sesini de sur amına koyayım.
Then accelerate, my friend.
Tobin, acceleratewhen I give the sign.
Tobin, işaret verdiğimde harekete geç.
But accelerateor I'll run over you.
Gaza basmayı unutma, yoksa ezer geçerim seni.
Oh and when the engine starts shaking slide over and accelerate.
Motor sallanmaya baslarsa sadece yana kay ve motora tam gaz ver.
Accelerate and let him run after
Oh, and when you see your wife accelerate.
! - Accelerate like a man!
"You're not doing it right, Johnny." "Accelerate, Johnny. "
"Doğru yapmıyorsun, Johnny. Hızlan, Johnny. "
Accelerate! Show what you can do boy!
Go ahead accelerate!
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