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Pokémon - Card Replicas: recognize counterfeit Pokémon cards!

Hi guys! In this article I'll explain what fake Pokémon cards are, what they look like and how you can recognize them so that you don't fall for cheap fake cards. I would also like to share my experience with you and give you tips on how to avoid receiving counterfeit cards.

What are Replica Pokémon Cards?

As the name suggests, this is Pokemon cardsthat are not original. In other words, these cards were not printed by the Pokémon Company, but by a third party that illegally produces and sells counterfeits. Often these fakes come from China and are printed in English. In the following picture I have prepared an original and a fake card for comparison.

Vikavolt GX Rainbow counterfeit vs. original

As you can clearly see, there is a difference between the two versions of the card. The card is supposedly the same, namely Vikavolt GX Rainbow Rare (German: Donarion). In the case of the forgery, it can be seen that the colors are much weaker and the reflection is completely different. Where the original has a correct pattern and offers different light reflections, the forgery cannot keep up and shines in a monotonous holo effect. You can also see on the edge of the card that the counterfeit was made without quality.

How can you tell on the Internet whether counterfeit or original cards are being offered?

Of course, the counterfeiters try to get buyers on the Internet to be deceived and think that they are buying original cards, which are then fake cards. Since the cards are of course previously shrink-wrapped in booster packs, it is difficult to use the product images to rule out that the cards are forged. But there are clues where you can tell that these are not original and legal cards.

The price:

The price is the first feature that suggests that something is wrong with the cards. If the price is far below the normal price for which the cards are normally offered, you should be puzzled.

The packaging:

Should you opt for an entire display, the packaging can already provide information about the authenticity. Because: original Pokémon products are shrink-wrapped in a film with a logo printed on it. This logo is missing from the counterfeit products. In addition, the complete design of the box is sometimes also wrong, as you can see in the picture below. This is a 36 display from the XY expansion Evolutions.

XY-Evolutions Display Original vs. Counterfeit

The marketplace

Depending on where you buy your cards, there may be a certain risk of receiving counterfeit cards. Do you buy from private individuals through platforms like eBay and eBay Classifieds it can happen that the seller sells illegal cards. So be extra careful. You should also look carefully at English cards, because fake cards mostly only exist in English. Conversely, this also means something good: German cards are original (exceptions confirm the rule). Unfortunately, I have already fallen for fake single tickets. Always have several photos sent to you showing the map from different perspectives.

The texture of the card

If you are interested in a single card, the card itself will tell you whether it is real or not. The color intensity is one of these characteristics. If you compare a fake card with an original card, you can see that the fake one is much paler and poorly printed. Often the cards are also "miscut", so that the shape is shifted. In addition, the newer cards with increased rarity levels, such as a fullart or rainbow card, have a texture that can not only be felt, but also seen. If the card of your desire is completely smooth and blank, it will not be an original full-art or rainbow card.

Now that you know how to recognize fake products, I would like to conclude by giving you some summarizing tips on how to avoid counterfeiting.

Summarizing tips

  • Only buy your card from retailers you trust. A very important point in my opinion. Even if dealers are sometimes a bit more expensive than private individuals, you can be sure to receive originals.
  • If you should buy privately, secure yourself and have lots of photos of the product sent to you. You could protect yourself, for example, by picking it up in person, or using PayPal's buyer protection to indicate that you have bought original Pokémon cards. I already had the "pleasure" of receiving fakes and was able to get my money back with buyer protection.
  • Take a close look at eBay and Co., especially if the card or display is too cheap and in English.
  • Report fraudsters if you spot one so that these cards don't continue to circulate. There are sellers who order the fakes cheaply from China and then sell them here at a higher price than the originals.
  • Do you want to be sure that you are buying real Pokemon cards? Then choose a reputable online shop. The Pokemon Online Shop Gate to the Games is the most popular Pokemon online shop in Germany with several 10,000 positive reviews.

My opinion

Of course, I don't believe in forged cards, as you can see from what I have already read. I see the fact that frequently forged cards from parents who of course want to save money and still want to make their little ones happy. But savings are made at the wrong end here. The cards have no value and will not increase in value. Fake cards may then be exchanged for originals, much more valuable cards, in the schoolyard, whereby the children are then cheated with the original cards.

So dear parents, if you're reading this, please don't skimp at the wrong end.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Have you already been offered fake cards or have you already been cheated? I would be very interested in your experiences. Please write them in the comments 🙂

Until next time,

Your Janosch

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