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37 sensible ideas against loneliness and boredom

37 sensible ideas against loneliness and boredom

How was that again before Corona? So slowly we can hardly remember it. Now the lockdown has been extended again and we are slowly running out of ideas to occupy ourselves in our own four walls or under corona-compliant conditions outdoors. Winter is particularly harsh for many as the weather and cold limit us even further. But when it gets dark outside, suddenly all the lights go on. A look through the window shows: There is a young couple who have just moved in together, a family of four with both parents at home, a single mother who works from home with children, a widower who reads his newspaper, a hip flat share at the joint cooking evening, a young man who likes to gamble in the evening. As soon as the lights come on, a wide variety of scenes take place behind the windows, showing us: We are not alone.

Digital community in social isolation

For some people it is easier to spend a lot of time at home, for others it is a great challenge. But even in times of physical distance, we can do something to promote community. For all the people who are lonely, need help, want contact, are bored, look for meaning, want to pass on inspiration, have something to give.

37 useful tips against loneliness and boredom

Tip 1: Singing connects people, makes you happy and healthy

In the shower, while cooking, on the balcony or in the virtual online choir: Singing connects, makes you happy and healthy. Because music has an influence on the heart rate, as Swedish researchers found out in a study. With people who sing together in a choir, the heart beats in the same rhythm. At the beginning of the pandemic, people were singing from the windows and balconies in many places.

The regular online choir singing with the live band from "Der Norden singt" is also a real highlight. Together with thousands of others you belt out world hits of rock and pop music. And you also have enough space in your own living room for the appropriate performance.

Tip 2: Give and find help with the quarantine heroes

Make a purchase, take the dog for a walk, give Latin tuition online: The website is a network of people who need help in everyday life and who no longer leave their homes due to the coronavirus - and volunteers. The network was founded by Andy, Florian, Henrike, Jakob, Julia, Keno, Nicolai, Milena, Philipp and Sophie, a group of friends from Munich who want to make a small contribution with this project.

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Tip 3: Support freelancers, artists and small businesses

Freelancers, artists and local companies are particularly affected by the economic consequences of the corona virus. Even if the canceled concert made you sad or you can no longer drink coffee in your favorite café, show solidarity and appreciation. For example, by not requesting a refund for the purchased ticket, buying a voucher and, if possible, shopping at your favorite local stores instead of big online giants using Click & Collect.

Tip for all Hamburg residents and fans of the Hanseatic city: The Corona aid & art project Kunst für's Klo takes photos of toilet art in Hamburg's favorite locations and sells them as direct support for the clubs, cafés and bars. In this way you ensure that these are still there after the pandemic and bring a breath of fresh air into your own four walls - win win.

Tip 4: Home garden instead of buying hamsters

You don't need a garden to grow herbs, tomatoes, beans and peas yourself: a window sill, plenty of sunlight and enough water are enough. But cucumbers, zucchini and onions can also be grown in the apartment. The YouTube channel Gartengemüsekiosk and SelfBio reveal how self-sufficiency works at home.

Tip 5: Visit the best museums and exhibitions online

Many exhibitions can also be visited online during the pandemic. With a navigation like Google Streetview you can stroll through deserted museums all over the world and come to places that you might not otherwise have visited in the near future - like the British Fashion Center. Incidentally, it also works wonderfully with friends in video chat.

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Tip 6: look at the starry sky at night

When the world feels so big during the day, I like to look at the starry sky at night. Then I look for the big car and think of a saying my host mom said to me during my year abroad: "We are always under the same stars."

Tip 7: "Reading books means going hiking in distant worlds"

"... from the rooms, over the stars," is a quote from the writer Jean Paul. A book takes you on a journey. If you haven't had time to read a book in a long time or are looking for new inspiration, now is the best time. For example with our feminist book tips.

Tip 8: write your own book

Do you have the dream of becoming an author? You have had the idea for your own book for a long time, but you always didn't have the time? It's never too late to start. We have 7 tips for aspiring writers to help them write their own book.

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Tip 9: roller skating

Sport is not only good for the body, but also for the psyche. And that's why it's particularly important right now. If you are overwhelmed by the selection of home workouts or simply don't feel like doing monotonous fitness exercises, we recommend roller skating. Yes, exactly, the old things that may have been gathering dust in the basement for a long time or that you can alternatively buy cheap classified ads on ebay. Our colleague's favorite beginner's tutorial is available here.

Tip 10: just sleep!

Sleep promotes memory because the brain sorts our memories at night. But not only that: Sleeping strengthens the immune system, increases creativity, and actually makes you beautiful. This is shown by various studies from Germany, Sweden and Chile. Just stay in bed for a while!

Tip 11: Collect beautiful moments in the gratitude journal

It's the little things that make you happy. Even if in difficult times it is not always easy to see the positive. With the right questions, you will redirect your attention to the beautiful aspects. You can write down what makes you happy yourself or, for example, use KLARHEIT's gratitude journal. There is also a sustainable online shop with rough edges, where fair products that are faulty are given a second chance.

Tip 12: compliments warm the soul

Giving compliments is so easy, and yet we do it far too seldom! Who can you compliment again?

A handwritten greeting is like a personal hug on paper.

Laura Melzer, volunteerTweet

Tip 13: Write a letter or send a postcard

When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter? Or a postcard from your vacation? Your own handwriting has a very personal touch and is as individual as the author himself. A handwritten greeting is like a personal hug on paper. If you don't have postcards at home, you can use the MyPostcard app to create postcards online.

Tip 14: Spring cleaning: muck out and throw away ballast

Open cabinet doors, take a look inside, and throw away unnecessary ballast. You can ask yourself the following questions: When was the last time I used this item? Does he make you happy? Can you make someone else happy with it? Incidentally, new studies show that we only wear around 20 percent of our clothes and can confidently muck out the rest. So, roll up your sleeves, we have a lot to do!

Tip 15: Give new life to old jeans

If you find an old favorite pair of jeans while mucking out that no longer fit you, it doesn't have to be the end of it. The sustainable and young label Bridge & Tunnel from Hamburg gives old jeans a second life: for example as a shopper bag, mobile phone chain or clutch. Not only cool, but also social and fair. Especially for employees who have few prospects on the normal job market. What counts here is humanity and talent instead of performance and testimony.

Tip 16: no-make-up challenge

Maybe you don't use makeup at all (anymore). But if you have made up for work every day, the home office invites you to show yourself in your natural beauty. We shouldn't hold our faces all the time anyway and the skin can breathe freely again.

Tip 17: No-poo challenge

Many women wash their hair every day - out of habit, for their own liking, or to avoid greasy hair. However, it can also do the scalp and hair structure good to regenerate for a few days without washing. On YouTube, for example, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kimauf MaiLab and Katharina Thürer show how the no-poo challenge works and what it does with the hair.

Tip 18: pick up the phone

... and express the hug, which we just can't do personally, with words. With the call you can make people happy who you can't see at the moment, who you haven't heard from in a long time, or with whom you even had an argument. Reconciliation only takes one first step: the courage to approach the other person again.

Tip 19: bake fresh bread yourself

Baking bread is meditative and tastes delicious afterwards. Because you know what ingredients are in it and how much love there is in the homemade bread. When it smells of freshly baked bread, it creates a pleasant feeling. But it doesn't have to be bread either: how about pancakes, quiche or your favorite recipe?

Tip 20: Games arouse emotions

Between the patience and desperation of jigsaw puzzles, the alertness and excitement of the game of hide and seek, and the joy and anger of "Mensch ärgere dich nicht": playing makes you relaxed, stimulates creativity and sometimes helps you not to take life that seriously.

Tip 21: dance, dance, dance!

For example, together with influencer Charlotte Weise against the coronavirus: #danceagainstcorona. On Instagram, she inspired her followers to dance together last year. "Dancing strengthens the immune system, keeps the body fit, shakes off stress and makes you happy," she says. Activist Louisa Dellert also invited to #dancing against loneliness. Turn up your favorite music and start dancing!

Tip 22: Check off something that you have been putting off for a long time

There's always this one thing in the back of your mind that you've wanted to do forever but never got around to it. Is there still a pile of paper lying around somewhere that you can file? Tax return already made? Do you have 25 unread WhatsApp messages waiting for a reply? No more procrastination: if you divide the task into small sections, you will finish faster. The Pomodoro technique can help: work 25 minutes in concentration, take a short break, and then continue.

But: If you lack any energy for that, that's more than okay. We're stuck in a damn challenging time and then the pile of paper lies there a little longer - so what?

Tip 23: train your memory with brain jogging

What was on the shopping list again? We often have so much in our head that we hardly remember anything ourselves. But we can train our memory, for example with Sudoku, donkey bridges and brain jogging. Christiane Stenger, former up-and-coming memory athlete, shows how it's done.

Tip 24: Donate to a good cause

Is there a topic that touches you a lot? Through a personal story, an acquaintance or a documentary? There are tons of projects that need support, but every little gesture counts. If you are looking for an organization, you will find suggestions on the donation platform betterplace, for example. For example, those who want to get involved can donate online to DKMS. In this podcast episode of "Kasia meets ...", Tatjana Hafez tells how breast cancer turned her into a warrior.

Tip 25: learn a new language

¿Hablas español? Which language have you always wanted to speak? You don't need boring grammar exercises for this, but also works playfully via apps such as Duolingo or Babbel. How about watching your favorite film in another language with subtitles? Or translate the lyrics of songs? The brain never stops learning, research shows. Also called neuroplasticity.

Tip 26: make others laugh

Laughter is contagious. This has already been proven by the Skype Laughter Chain on YouTube. In difficult situations, sometimes only humor helps, says Silvie Schmiedel from Pinkstinks. "We laugh a lot at Pinkstinks. You can only survive the madness with a lot of humor and ease," she says about dealing with sexism in the podcast interview with "Kasia meets ...".

Tip 27: Painting expresses your feelings

Mandalas are all the rage. But not just for fun: You can also overcome crises with pen and paper. "It's about painting or drawing to express your feelings, visualize and solve your problems," says Sabine Mertens, coach, art and psychotherapist. To imitate: Cool math box art by Michiko Design on Instagram.

Tip 28: watch films, series or documentaries

Not an insider tip, but indispensable for most at the moment: streaming services. We recommend our top 10 documentaries on the topic of sustainability to everyone who still has a little bit of energy left. Because, unfortunately experts * agree, Corona will not be the last crisis if we don't finally rethink ...

  • Tomorrow - The world is full of solutions
  • Minimalism - When less is more
  • The true cost - The real price of fashion
  • A plastic ocean - We need a wave of change
  • What The Health - How diet affects the body
  • More than honey - Save the bees
  • Cowspiracy - The secret of sustainability
  • Before The Flood - The effects of climate change
  • Plastic Planet - How we're suffocating the earth
  • How to Change the World- The creation of Greenpeace

Tip 29: Passing on inspiration to others

Bookworm or serial junkie? Maybe you know bestseller lists by heart, but you don't know which series is current? Exchange your inspirations with others. Because what a "must-read" or "must see" is for you, someone else may not even know. So we can inspire each other!

Tip 30: get the camera out

The smartphone turns us all into amateur photographers. Whether with a mobile phone or an analog camera: Capture beautiful, funny or chaotic moments with a photo, e.g. from the kitchen table with home office and children's toys, from a photo shoot while mucking out or dancing in the living room. "If we are mindful and recognize and celebrate beautiful moments, we can draw on these memories later," says happiness researcher Meik Wiking.

Tip 31: play a musical instrument

Music connects the whole world. If you are musical, you know the feeling of flow, to sink completely into the music. Whether you play for yourself or make others happy with it: Share your talent with others via video or audio recording. If your guitar is in a corner covered in dust, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you practice. Or how about a new instrument?

Tip 32: Let go of your thoughts while meditating

"Meditation can help to let go of fears and to go through life more carefree," explains Prof. Dr. Tobias Esch. Mini-meditations are ideal for beginners so that one does not undertake too much. Just a few minutes can be enough to take a deep breath and settle in.

Tip 33: freshen up your sex life

Long relationship = less sex? It doesn't have to be. Spending time together at home can also bring you closer together. We have collected the best tips from sex experts for you so that you can refresh your sex life. Have you already tried SLOW SEX? But always remember: Safety first!
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Tip 34: satisfy yourself

Self-love is the basis of any relationship. And you don't need a partner to have fun with yourself. Did you know that erotic audiobooks can bring you to orgasm? "Masturbation is something very natural," says Femtasy founder Nina Julie Lepique.

Tip 35: listen to your favorite podcasts

You can find out everything about love, sex and relationships in the EMOTION podcast "Love Your Sex" listen to sex educator Gianna Bacio.

Our founder Kasia Mol-Wolf introduces you in her podcast "Kasia meets ..." inspiring women who go their own way.

And in the new Working Women Podcast "We are working on it" you will get to know experts who help women to work the way they want.

Tip 36: record thoughts in a diary

Journaling is like a ritual to let go of your thoughts and re-focus. If you write down what kept you busy during the day, it will be easier for you to switch off and fall asleep in the evening.

Tip 37: leaf through a magazine

One thing occurs to us spontaneously ... or two? ;)

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