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I'm pretty much in a bind. I have absolutely no idea which subjects to choose for my Abitur so that I am well prepared for studying medicine. And then I wanted to ask medical students. I still have all three natural sciences (bio, chemistry and physics) and Latin too. I'm very good in all subjects and I would even take Latin as an advanced course. Now it looks like that if I want to keep Latin (I wouldn't get the Latinum until next year), I would have to throw out a natural science altogether. If I want to keep all the natural sciences, I have to throw out Latin altogether.
What should I do???
Do you have experience with it?
If so and you might have some good advice, please write back to me as soon as possible. It is very urgent.

Many greetings Zoe

Hello Zoe

don't panic. It is always overrated what you have to have already done in school to be successful in medical school. It is certainly an advantage if you have a knowledge of chemistry and biology, but not necessarily a prerequisite. I myself also had biology and chemistry in school to the end, the latter because I thought I needed it for my medical studies. During my studies I noticed (by the way, I'm about to take the second state examination) that I could use some of them, but I still had to acquire other things. Everything is taught to you or you have to learn it yourself. Many of my fellow students at school had deselected all natural sciences as far as possible and also had no problem with the material. As far as physics is concerned, this is only a small subject in the Physikum (the name has nothing to do with the subject) and can safely be left out when studying. Here in Cologne this was only a demonstration internship, in which one had to evaluate the results at home, which led to the fact that one copied from the physics cracks.
Latin is not a prerequisite for studying either, I used to think, and that's why I have the Latinum. It certainly doesn't do any harm, but that's why I wouldn't take it as an advanced course unless you're particularly good at it.
First of all, the most important thing is to choose the subjects that you enjoy the most and where you can collect the most points. Because that is the primary goal that Numerus Clausus create. In addition, don't put yourself under too much pressure, I didn't do it myself and therefore have bad memories of high school.
I hope I was able to give you a few tips that could help you.
Goodbye Jim


I can only agree with the previous speaker. Basically you don't need science but it will be easier for you if you had bio and chemistry I would say. As I said, physics is not that difficult. But chemistry in particular makes it easier for you. About Latin: you don't need a Latinum at all to study. At the beginning there is a terminology course where you learn to decline a bit and joke around. So with your previous knowledge of Latin this is probably no problem.
Just do the subjects you like the most.


Knowledge of physics makes things easier for you, but basic knowledge that you probably already have is sufficient.
Bio is also easy in the course of studies, but some of the Abitur material comes again in biochemistry (citric acid cycle and so ... bleak!). But it is more like LK material. Chemistry is important! Take everything you can get with you. You hardly need it in everyday clinical practice, but they like it in your studies !!!!

But what is much more important: Use the upper level to learn how to learn !!!!!
Unfortunately, I never needed it, I hardly did anything for my Abitur and still had my A cut. The big awakening then came during my studies, because unfortunately a good memory is not enough for the minor damage ... I now have the second state examination and still have problems really concentrating on facts for a long time.
Even if the school material may not be that difficult, practice the learning techniques now. It won't hurt your style, and that's what helps you most in your studies!

I can only support the previous speakers once more. My Bio-LK helped me to the extent that I passed the exam during my studies without learning, but I no longer had chemistry and physics in high school and it was still not overly difficult.
My tip: take the subjects that you enjoy the most and in which you can get the most points. Don't necessarily opt out of the natural sciences unless you enjoy them. :-opinion
Enjoy your last two years of school, have the best parties of your life and just have a lot of fun. If you really want to study medicine, you will meet the requirements that way.

P.S .: Don't torment yourself too much with Latin or Greek, to know what the bones are called in Latin / Greek you don't have to translate "de bello gallico" !!!!

so I can only agree with the previous speakers. The Abitur is very overrated, I don't really believe that anyone will be interested in it later, but mainly the certificates from my studies. I'm about to get the second one too. Well, I had math and physics LK and already left bio in the eighth bio and it didn't hurt either. I mean you still have enough time to learn the subjects and the material during your studies, unfortunately you usually only realize at the end what you have to do and then it always gets pretty tight, but you are especially in the first semesters still with enthusiasm. So make sure you do a good NC without doing a lot and enjoy your school days.

Hi @ll,

interesting how many people hang out here in the forum shortly before the 2nd (I am one of them myself) ...

On the subject:
I also think that the Abitur is overrated by some people. Even so, it is not totally unimportant in later life. Even when applying for a job after studying at university, the HR manager looks at the school leaving certificate. A microbio prof. in Hamburg even once openly admitted that he would employ his employees after the Abitur grade in mathematics and the federal state of the Abitur!

Awesome, but reality. I sat in this lecture myself and heard it with my own ears.

How flowed!
The math teachers are totally different!
I had math class, just finished high school and in our last math lesson our very nice teacher did polynomial division with us, only half for fun, while other classes have a nice breakfast or watch films!

With some teachers it is enough if you write the right things in the formula collection and with others you have to cram three days to get two !!!!

* Hand over the golden shovel *

* hand over the silver mole *

hello zoe

I would rather advise against choosing your lk's according to your study requirements. You will still have enough of these subjects afterwards and it is enough if you have already had them or are taking them in the basic course.
if there is something that interests you outside of the bio / natural science field, it is better to use your lk, because for many years you do not have the chance to pursue such interests during your studies, or not in this intensive way. i myself had german and history and so far during my studies i never had any problems with the natural sciences, although i was always mediocre at school. by the way, i never had latin :-) no problem at all.
don't believe the people who tell you you have to pave your way so early. Better to see that you write a good grade, no matter with which subjects: otherwise you have no chance of studying medicine anyway.
greetings anja

take the LKs with which you achieve the best cut in the end

Um, I think the woman has already chosen her LK's and with a little luck is studying :-))

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