Wordpress Woocommerce Shipping

Calculation of the WooCommerce shipping costs according to the number of items

A calculation of the shipping costs according to the number of pieces or weight is not provided in WooCommerce.

The following article describes how the calculation according to the number of pieces in WooCommerce works with the help of free extensions and a little trick.

Which free additional plugins are necessary?

Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce

The plugin Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce is available in a paid and a free version. The free version enables the shipping costs to be calculated based on weight and value of the goods.


Booster for WooCommerce

Also Booster for WooCommerce is available in a free and paid version. The plugin extends WooCommerce with numerous functions. Among other things, the extension can deactivate information that is not required.


This is how the calculation of shipping costs in WooCommerce works by number of items

By installing the pluginFlexible Shipping for WooCommerceThere are new shipping methods in the WooCommerce shipping zones for flexible calculation of shipping costs.

But since the free version of Flexible Shipping for WooCommerce If no number of items is available for calculating the shipping costs, the weight is used for the calculation. Each product is equivalent to 1 kg.

1 product = 1 kg


The shipping costs in WooCommerce are calculated per bottle shipping carton. A maximum of 6 bottles fit into one box. The customer can put together the bottles himself and pays his shipping costs depending on the number of boxes required

1 - 6 products = costs 9 € shipping costs
7-12 products = costs 18 € shipping costs