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Who Was Michael Jackson?

Even before his time there were stars who exploded in the music business to such an extent that they were known as brightly colored dogs even in the most remote corners of the world, for example Frank Sinatra, the Beatles and Elvis Presley. And then came Michael Jackson, born on August 29, 1958, in the 1980s.

Michael Jackson: Wanted poster

  • Surname: Michael Joseph Jackson

  • Date of birth: August 29, 1958
  • Place of birth: Gary, Indiana, USA
  • Parents: Joseph Jackson (* 1929), Katherina Jackson (* 1930)
  • Siblings: Rebbie Jackson (sister), Jackie Jackson (brother), Tito Jackson (brother), Jermaine Jackson (brother), La Toya Jackson (sister), Marlon Jackson (brother), Brandon Jackson (brother), Randy Jackson (brother), Janet Jackson (sister), Joh'Vonnie Jackson (sister)
  • Children: Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (* February 13, 1997), Paris Michael Katherine Jackson (* April 3, 1998), "Blanket" Prince Michael Joseph Jackson II (* February 23, 2002)
  • Date of death: June 25, 2009
  • Place of death: Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Tomb: Forest Lawn Memorial Park, California, USA
  • Hair color: black
  • Eye color: dark brown
  • Size: 1.78 meters
  • Weight: approx. 65 kg

Michael Jackson biography in brief

Michael Jackson was already with the in the 1970s Jackson 5 known. The band was created by his ambitious father. Jacko sang and performed with four of his brothers. However, he was only able to show and develop his true talent as a solo artist.

With his first songs as a solo artist, he quickly achieved worldwide success. His hit "Thriller", released in 1982, is unforgettable, not only because of his singing, but also because of the extraordinary music and the gruesome background laugh.

The album Thriller and the single of the same name extracted from it went through the roof and Michael Jackson soon had one daily growing fan base. Other milestones are the songs Billie Jean, Beat It, Man in the Mirror and Bad, to name just a few of his hits. Of course, his very special trademark, the moonwalk, will also remain unforgettable.

However, his life took on tragic traits similar to that of Elvis Presley, including the unexpected and untimely death. While his fame skyrocketed and the King of Popas he was also called, became one of the most successful solo artists of all time, he developed stranger psychoses in his private life, which eventually made more headlines than his songs.

From skin whitening, cosmetic surgery, eating disorders, drug addiction and child abuse to his Ranch Neverland was the talk. In public he only appeared in a mask and gave the world a moment of shock when he held his little son Blanket out of the window of his hotel room in the luxury hotel Adlon while visiting Berlin. He pulled himself into one surreal fantasy world back and even die-hard fans began to doubt the mind of the superstar in the face of increasingly strange appearances both on stage and in private life.

Drug abuse and over-indebtedness eventually slowly cast their shadows over this incredible success story. On June 25, 2009, the world finally came to a standstill when the media all over the world denied Death of the King of Pop proclaim and people all over the world pause in disbelief because they cannot believe what they are hearing.

Career start with the Jackson 5

Michael Jackson's career began in the mid-1960s with the Jackson 5, which was made up of five of the Jackson children: Jackie, Tito, Marlon, Jermaine and Michael. The five black children from humble backgrounds formed the first african american groupwhich could not only inspire the black audience, but also quickly attracted a white mass audience.

The manager was her strict father Joe Jackson, who literally beat the children to success, because even the smallest offenses such as a wrongly sung note or a wrong dance step resulted in draconian punishments. The oldest brothers Jackie, Tito and Jermaine appeared as the Jackson Trio since 1964. The great success came with the entry of the two youngest brothers Marlon and Michael. The children suffered from their strict, ambitious father, who considered the five gifted boys Entry ticket to a better life saw.

The four older brothers could handle the pressure to succeed that their father had built up better than the sensitive Michael, who, however, bowed to the demands and always gave the impression of a happy, particularly talented child on stage. Michael quickly became the focus of this soul band and fell with his early on extraordinary sense of rhythm and talent for dancing on.

The five black boys from modest backgrounds quickly developed into a real hit factory, in 1970 alone they had three chart successes in quick succession with “I’ll be there”, “ABC” and “I want you back”. They were under contract with the well-known record label Motown, a companion for many successful black stars.

When Michael broke his voice in 1975, this inevitable process did not necessarily work to the advantage of the Jackson 5. There were also disagreements with Motown. Eventually they split up and the Jackson 5 was history, because without Michael the other Jacksons could not build on previous successes, although they continued to perform until 1984.

Exceptional solidarity in the Jackson clan

However, this separation and the ensuing solo career did not detract from family cohesion. Although Tito and Jermaine were only occasionally successful as solo artists, they did not envy Michael his almost unreal success. That’s still coming today Jackson family regularly at their childhood home in Gary, Indiana to commemorate their legendary brother on the anniversary of his death on June 25th. These meetings are initiated by Mother Katherine Jacksonwho bought much of the area around her house because, according to the surviving Jackson brothers, she doesn't like changes.

Katherine and Joe had ten children, most of whom are parents of several children themselves. Jermaine, who used to be the lead singer of the Jackson 5 before Michael took over this part, has seven children. In addition to Michael, Jermaine was the one who had the most successes as a solo artist. However, he was nowhere near the career of his younger brother. Tito, Jackie and Marlon appeared the least, because all three had only a few hits to record. They each have two or three children.

Although all Jackson 5 members suffered their father's flogging, they still remember one today nice family life have a lot of fun and know how to tell numerous anecdotes. When the Jacksons get together, so their tenor, there will be about 100 people at the table, and that is just the closest members of the family without cousins.

The four older Jackson brothers are believed to be of a more robust nature than their little brother Michael. Since they were far less successful and therefore less in the limelight, they could lead a comparatively normal family life. You probably had a better starting position to deal with these bad experiences psychologically.

Michael, on the other hand, would later stress that he hated his father. Even after he had long since left him as a manager, he still got panic attacks from time to time when the arrival of Joe was announced. Nevertheless, he expressed himself otherwise emphatically factual and unemotional about his father:

"It's really good that he didn't keep all of our earnings to himself like other fathers whose children have careers."

Joe Jackson, the father of horror

Long before Michael's death, former steel worker Joe Jackson did not enjoy the best reputation for his own hard dealings with his children. However, Joe was always at peace with himself and emphasized that he was glad he had been so hard on his children, because his success showed him to be right.

He brought up children who were loved all over the world. This is how he made his children righteous citizens and saved them from prison. The table was set every day, so he more than fulfilled his task. In addition, as a child he also had a strict father who was before the Corporal punishment and similar disciplinary punishments did not shrink back.

In the end, this did not harm him either. However, since Michael's death at the latest, it has been clear that Joe Jackson was not just a strict patriarch for whom corporal punishment was a legitimate means that was also generally accepted by society and in school.

Michaels Personal physician Conrad MurrayJoe Jackson, who not only beat his children but also did not shy away from other types of abuse, described himself as a "father of horror", himself not without controversy, as he is held responsible for the death of the megastar due to the administration of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol .

The pain that Joe Jackson did to his children is unimaginable, says Conrad Murray, and it is unfortunate that the good guys always have to die first. According to Murray, Joe Jackson didn't even shy away from injecting Michael into hormones to delay his voice breaking.

However, Michael Jackson had one last triumph over his hated father: he expressly excluded him as an heir in his will. This hit Father Jackson hard. Until recently, Joe tried unsuccessfully to do that Contest will and enforce his status as an inheritance.

Michael had given custody of his three children to his mother, Katherine. In the event of her death, the singer Diana Ross would have become the guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket. This case did not occur, however, because Katherine Jackson is still alive and the children are now of legal age.

However, not only Joe Jackson had an interest in the legacy of the late pop star or in at least being noticed in the orbit of the Jacksons. From his personal physician Conrad Murray to various family members to his manager and concert manager, they all attracted more or less interest immediately after Michael's death.

Big star on a big stage

On the stage there was nothing to be seen from this other side. His performances and shows were perfectly staged and the choreography breathtaking. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Michael Jackson is the most successful entertainer of all time.

At the same time, he was the artist with the world's largest charitable commitment. He not only supported the charities financially, but also often appeared on behalf of them. After focusing mainly on the Jackson 5 until the late 1970s, he learned in 1977 Quincy Jones know who became its producer from then on. Until then, the singing style was still classic R&B.

The collaboration with Quincy Jones turned out to be very successful, because his fifth solo album "Off the Wall" was a great success. At the same time Michael released further songs with the Jackson 5 until 1984, with which he also appeared sporadically. At least since the appearance of his sixth Solo albums Thriller, which is still considered the best-selling album worldwide, his career was unstoppable.

The following albums "Bad" and "Dangerous" also exploded in the international music world. With the single releases from these albums, Michael Jackson was regularly at number 1 or at least at the top of the Billboard charts until the early 1990s.

The first Alleged child molestation trial at his Neverland Ranch, which ended in an out-of-court settlement, brought the singer a disastrous press. By 1997 Jacko appeared on several major world tours, which showed that despite the negative press, he still had numerous fans around the world. However, the first failures arose and he was repeatedly the subject of negative music criticism.

For the past nine years he had performed all over the world, just not in the United States, which he has now made up for in Hawaii. Although his songs and albums were still internationally successful, he had problems catching up on his mega-success of the 1980s.

Awards, honors and subsequent careers from 1993

Since 1993 he was dependent on pain medication, with whom he came into contact on stage after several plastic surgeries after a fire accident. He also suffered from eating and sleeping disorders due to repeated allegations of child abuse. In addition to the psychological problems, there was now also the clearly perceptible physical decline.

Show appearances and concerts were often shortened or due to health problems canceled. Numerous awards accompanied his career, including the German Bambi, the American Music Award as "Artist of the Century", World Music Award as "Artist of the Millennium" and the award as "Entertainer of the Decade" by US President George Bush. Michael Jackson is also represented in four star categories on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His last solo album "Invincible" came out in 2001.

Although there was another trial in 2005 due to renewed allegations of child abuse, from which he was acquitted, Jacko continued to be present on the international stage until the end of his life, even if his public appearances had decreased significantly since the mid-1990s.

In March 2009, he resigned from his Tour "This is it" his departure from the stage. Originally only 10 concerts were announced, forty more dates were gradually added as the tickets sold in record time. It was supposed to be a farewell from the stage, but not as intended.

Michael Jackson died of one on June 25, 2009 Overdose of the anesthetic propofol. At the autopsy, 13 other substances were found in his blood. On the forensic doctor's table was an emaciated skeleton weighing 51 kilograms and a wig due to massive hair loss.

Be Personal physician Conrad Murray had administered the anesthetic and other substances to him for many weeks. In a trial he was sentenced to four years' imprisonment without parole for negligent homicide. The judges saw it as proven that Murray had violated his oath as a doctor and acted primarily out of prestige and financial reasons and abandoned Michael Jackson. Murray showed no remorse and justified his actions with the fact that a patient had expressly requested the administration of these agents.

Memorial service at the Los Angeles Staples Center

The memorial service for the Artist of the Century and Millennium was held on July 7th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Numerous stations broadcast this event all over the world, in the estimated a billion people the last way Michael Jackson watched on television in the golden coffin. 500 celebrities, 2,000 journalists and 17,500 fans paid their last respects to Jacko on site.

The appearance of his three small children in the company of their aunt Janet Jackson is unforgettable. Paris Jackson tearfully said her daddy was the best father imaginable. On September 3, 2009, Michael Jackson found his final resting place in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale near Los Angeles, a cemetery where numerous celebrity stars have been laid to rest. In addition to the family, 100 other mourners were invited. The sarcophagus is located in the mausoleum, which is not open to the public.

Since the mid-1980s: change from a vital pop star to a psychological and physical wreck

All over the world, people were clearly amazed at Jackos noticeable optical change. In the end, the African American had evidently turned into a white man. But not only that. At one point his nose was so small that it could hardly be seen. Michael was always quite slim, but never too thin.

In his last years he had become thinner and thinner, his hair longer and longer, his skin ever whiter, his face ever more mask-like. From the good-looking, lively African American who in the early 1980s with the album "Thriller" and his energetic dance performances as a solo artist had made the big breakthrough, hadn't left much since the late 1990s at the latest.

His fame had taken on ever more gigantic proportions, at the same time the superstar seemed more and more detached from reality. Sometimes strange appearing shows and numerous bizarre appearances in public, most recently only with a face mask, made the psychologically unstable state of the megastar evident.

His ranch was not a ranch, but a kind of fairytale land, in which he surrounded himself with numerous children because he could no longer cope with the company of adults. The name "Neverland Ranch" comes from the island kingdom "Neverland" of its much-quoted Favorite fairy tale character Peter Pan back, with which he often compared himself. This childish behavior was grossly disproportionate to his age and worldwide influence.

Elton John was a good friend of Jackson's and describes in his autobiography "Me" the frightening external and internal deterioration of the friend from a cheerful, charming child to a man who no longer has all the cups in his cupboard. It was disturbing to be with him.

This image does not fit the megastar on stage, whose music meant rhythm, danceability and drama, a musical child prodigy who Moonwalk not invented, but perfected it and made it his trademark. In the summer of 2009 he was on his world tour “This is it”. Jackson had indicated several times that he would then withdraw from the pop business.

After his death, allegations were raised that people from his immediate environment, who had a financial interest in necessarily going on this tour, had forced the visibly sick artist to fulfill the relevant contracts. Be Bodyguard Matt Fides doubts, however, that Jackson would have been mentally and physically able to endure such a strenuous long-term program.

He was a living dead, dependent on numerous opiates, psychotropic drugs and the anesthetic propofol. Even eating, sleeping and getting up was a struggle. According to Fides, Michael Jackson suffered from paranoia and fear of appearing in public as a result of allegations of pedophilia against him and after the 2005 trial that resulted in a second class acquittal for lack of evidence.

Much reason for speculation

Such an extraordinary world star with no less extraordinary behavior naturally also offers a lot of reason for speculation. In an interview on Jackson 5, his brothers Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine said that a lot had been written about Michael over the years, and that much of it was not true. So one must Public figure however, get by. As a result, they would have long since given up fighting all rumors and reports and would for the most part simply ignore them.

Meanwhile, a rumor that Michael Jackson tried to deny his African American roots by bleaching his skin has been dispelled. He did not strive for the white ideal of beauty and did not want to change his typical African-American appearance, but suffered from it Vitiligo disease, the white spot disease.

It is a pigment disorder of the skin that occurs in all races worldwide. However, it is more noticeable in people with dark skin than in light-skinned people. The spots often appear on the face, arms, neck and chest area. They are distributed asymmetrically, in many cases the unhealthy, white skin overlays the natural, darker parts of the skin.

According to Jackson's make-up artist, people tried for years to make the white spots dark to match the artist's black skin. At some point, however, that was no longer possible and Michael used bleaching creams.

However, dermatologists assume that Michael Jackson is a regular extensive special skin whitening had it done, because since the mid-1990s he looked more like a white man than a black man. At the beginning of the 2000s, however, according to specialists, Jackson exaggerated the possibilities of dermatology and surgery to such an extent that his skin was so pigment-free and thin that it no longer offered any protection from light.

Hence the many bizarre appearances with masks, scarves and large hats. The nose changed so much in the course of his life that in the end only a small tip was left.

Op-madness out of hatred of his father

The first two Nose surgery were necessary after being burned by pyrotechnics at a gig, but then the whole thing probably got out of hand due to mental instability. Friends and companions of Jacko confirm that he has said several times that he will do everything possible to erase the resemblance to his hated father Joe.

He had him as a child because of his big nose "Big Nose" ridiculed. However, this was less of a mockery than a psychological punishment, as Joe knew exactly how Michael suffered from it. After the first cosmetic changes, Michael looked in the mirror and said: "I still see too much Joe" and carried on.

The exact number of cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic procedures is not known. The autopsy of his body confirmed 13 cosmetic surgeries and six operations on the nose. Presumably, however, it was significantly more due to his skin bleaching.

His later manager and friend Frank DiLeo confirmed the connection between Michael's OP madness and his childhood. Joe Jackson trained the children like in a boot camp and beat them to success. Therefore, Michel Joe not only had his mega-success and talent, but also his mental deformity due to a violent childhood in which he was not allowed to be a child.

After his death, medical specialists and fans around the world discussed why the glittering one King of Pop in private life was rather infantile and immature and often referred to his favorite fairy tale character Peter Pan. Fears of failure, increasing health problems, which often led to canceled concerts, and the immense expectations of the whole world of this exceptional artist led to more and more psychologically induced compulsive acts.

According to some companions, Michael Jackson could no longer find his way off the big stage in the adult world. Since he had never coped with childhood and had never coped with the early traumas caused by his father, he took refuge in one infantile fantasy worldwhose center was its Neverland Ranch, named after the island in the fairy tale Peter Pan. With their cheerful, uninhibited and naive manner, children were henceforth one of Michael Jackson's preferred companions, he could trust them best, he didn't have to be afraid of them.

The Peter Pan of the pop business

The extent to which this familiar behavior and contact with children went was the subject of high-profile court cases that the Image of the King of Popwho was like a vulnerable child himself. Social fears and isolation, mistrust, adjustment difficulties and the rejection of one's own appearance were the breeding ground for Jackson's escalating addictive behavior through massive drug abuse, with which he numbed not only his physical but also his mental ailments.

This psychological instability and addictive dynamics led to the fact that he was only in the company of children in his created by him Fairy tale world of Peter Pan felt safe. This place was a retreat for him from a world that he was less and less able to cope with.

Most of the people around Michael Jackson could not help but notice a certain infantilization of the superstar. In addition to many unanswered questions, posterity will probably never know the whole truth, but above all Michael Jackson leaves one behind creative, timeless musical legacy and the tragic story of a person who can evade one.

To this day this artist touches and polarizes, who at least outwardly was a happy singing child to a mask-like physical wreck from which his own life slipped more and more. Michael Jackson would have needed a good psychiatrist, not world fame, to cope with his innumerable psychological deformities.

From 1993: allegations of child abuse

What remains are always doubts, because some see all allegations of abuse against the artist as unjustified, while others would like to delete the memory of Jackson from the collective fan memory. The Administrator of the musician's estate filed a lawsuit against broadcaster HBO for $ 100 million in damages on behalf of the Jackson family.

The broadcaster HBO, which does the controversial film "Leaving Neverland" had shown, the estate administrators accuse the deceased artist of defamation and exploitation of an innocent person. Another allegation against the broadcaster is that it violated a 1992 contract. At that time, HBO was awarded the exclusive broadcasting rights to Jackson's "Dangerous Tour". In contrast, the broadcaster had to undertake to refrain from any kind of denigration of the artist now and in the future. However, HBO stuck to the film's broadcast.

Media scholars draw attention to the danger of a “parallel justice” that films like “Leaving Neverland” harbor, since only the viewpoint of the alleged victims is portrayed. The fact is, this film has it Michael Jackson brand inflicted considerable damage, although it is now known that the appearance of the two alleged victims in the The 2005 trial was not without contradictions stayed and it later emerged that the family of one of the alleged victims was only after paying large sums of money, as those involved knew exactly how harmful the unproven allegations against Jackson would be alone. For this reason, the managers and lawyers at Jacko in 1993 did not allow a trial, but advised a court settlement, which ultimately came about.

The alleged victim at the time retracted his adult child abuse charge and now lives under an alias in an undisclosed location. Since Jackson's case can no longer lead to a new indictment that processes all the allegations properly and examines sources and witnesses uncritically, the audience of the film, the listeners of Jackson's music and posterity make their judgment and this is often not particularly positive out.

The German radio stations react prudently and state that one always has to examine the individual case and wait to see whether Jackson's artistic work can be reassessed through judicial processes. You value them Jackson songs primarily as artwho love the listeners, so it must be possible to see the artist detached from his art.

Debt after Michael Jackson's death

The exceptional artist Michael Jackson not only left a great musical legacy and millions of grieving fans around the world, but one too large mountain of debtthat he had amassed himself due to his eccentric lifestyle. Jacko had appointed his lawyer John Branca and his manager John McClain as executors. At the time of his death, the pop star had amassed $ 400 million in debt.

Many a Michael Jackson artist became a posthumous source of income shortly after his death. Thanks to numerous music rights to Jackson songs and the rights to all Beatles songs, which Michael Jackson acquired in 1985 for 48 million dollars, his estate administrators were able to pay off his mountain of debt in a very short time.

The film alone about the planned one Comeback tour for "This is it" grossed more than $ 261 million to date. Since his death, the artist has sold more than 31 million albums. Merchandising and film rights contributed millions more, and even the Neverland Ranch, which had fallen into disrepute due to the lawsuits, briefly generated some income. More than 2,000 items from the extravagant and imaginative furnishings went under the hammer.

The white glitter glove alone, which, along with the black trousers and white socks, had become the trademark of his moonwalk, was auctioned for a sum of 350,000 dollars. In this way, his heirs, creditors and administrators continue to benefit, because Michael Jackson is one of them highest income dead artists worldwidewho even outstripped Elvis Presley.

Family life

Michael Jackson was married twice. His first marriage was in 1994 Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley. The relationship lasted only two years, however, and was viewed by many as a marriage of convenience to dispel child molestation rumors that emerged in 1993. However, Lisa Marie claimed it was the real love of two abnormal people who had never met a normal life.

After the divorce, Jacko married in 1996 Nurse Debbie Rowe and a little later became a father twice. The worldwide fan base was amazed at this supposedly normal family life, but doubts remained. The claim that Debbie Rowe was merely a surrogate mother to bring a family with children to the lonely King of Pop was later confirmed by herself.

While brother Jermaine Jackson speaks of Michael's sperm donation, Debbie Rowe claims that although the children Price Michael I and Paris were born through artificial insemination, Michael was not the biological father. In 1999 Michael divorced Debbie and in 2003 became the third time father of a little boy named Blanket, whose mother is unknown.

Of the three children stands Paris most in the public eye, first due to massive psychological problems and now as a musician and model. The oldest of the siblings, Prince Michael In contrast to his father, lives a normal life with his girlfriend Molly and their dogs.

In 2019 he got his bachelor's degree in business administration and says of himself that he has neither talent nor rhythm in the blood like his father. Therefore, he is not aiming for a career on stage, he is more attracted to work behind the scenes as a producer. Somebody once asked him that he looked like Michael Jackson, just fatter. Then it became clear to him that it was time for the gym.

The youngest son Blankett lives largely shielded from the public. It is said that he has mental health problems due to the emerging allegations of child molestation against his father in the film Leaving Neverland. The Cohesion of the three Jackson siblings however, it is just as large as that of the entire Jackson clan.

Frequent questions and answers

Who invented the moonwalk?

Michael Jackson did not invent the moonwalk, but perfected it and made it known to a wide public. The actual invention of the moonwalk probably came from the breakdance scene in the early 1980s.

How did Michael Jackson know?

Michael Jackson fell ill with the skin disease in the 1980s Vitiligo, the white spot disease. Vitiligo is a pigment disorder of the skin that can occur in all races worldwide. However, it is more noticeable in people with dark skin than in light-skinned people. The spots often appear on the face, arms, neck and chest area. They are distributed asymmetrically, in many cases the unhealthy, white skin overlays the natural, darker parts of the skin.

According to Jackson's make-up artist, people tried for years to make the white spots dark to match the artist's black skin. At some point, however, that was no longer possible and Michael used bleaching creams.

However, dermatologists assume that Michael Jackson is a regular extensive special skin bleaching had it done, because since the mid-1990s he looked more like a white man than a black man.

Who is the mother of Michael Jackson's children?

The birth mother of Michael Jackson's children, Prince and Paris, is Debbie Rowe. Prince II's mother, called Blanket, is unknown.

When did Michael Jackson die?

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50.

How did Michael Jackson die?

The official cause of death for Michael Jackson is cardiac arrest. Michael's personal physician Conrad Murray is blamed for the death of the King of Pop due to an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.

When is Michael Jackson's birthday?

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958.