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Michael Douglas celebrated his 70th birthday on September 25th. The two-time Oscar winner has been a fixture in Hollywood for decades. In 2010 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to undergo months of chemotherapy and other treatments. The following year, the actor declared that he had beaten cancer. In 2013 Michael Douglas celebrated a brilliant comeback:

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In the shadow of his famous father, Kirk Douglas, it was not easy for Michael Douglas in Hollywood to begin with. Michael found his own place in the 1970s as a sensitive detective in the TV series "The Streets of San Francisco". An even greater success was to follow soon. Only 31 years old, he produced "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". The Jack Nicholson psychodrama won five Academy Awards. The two producers Michael Douglas and Saul Zaentz received the Oscar in the "best film" category.

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`` The China Syndrome '' (1978)

Director James Bridges.

The focus of the disaster film with Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon is an incident in a nuclear power plant. In it Fona plays a television reporter, Douglas her cameraman, who just happened to witness the misfortune. The film anticipated a real incident: Twelve days after its cinema release, there was a serious reactor accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

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'' On the hunt for the green diamond '' (1984)

Director Robert Zemeckis.

In the comedy, originally called "Romancing the Stone", Kathleen Turner goes on a treasure hunt for an emerald called "El Corazón". Douglas plays an unruly and moody smuggler who helps her. Series actor Danny DeVito ("Taxi") also advanced to become a cinema star with this film.

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'' A Fateful Affair '' (1987)

Director Adrian Lyne.

Douglas has a one-night stand with Glenn Close, and it's not just a pet that has to believe in it. The dramatic plea for marital fidelity was nominated for six Academy Awards, but came out empty-handed.

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Wall Street (1987)


It was the The role of Michael Douglas - and his character, the banker Gordon Gekko, became a symbol of the sheer endless greed on Wall Street. Beside him, Charlie Sheen faded as an aspiring yuppie. Douglas was awarded the Oscar for "Best Actor".

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'' The War of the Roses '' (1989)

Director Danny DeVito.

In the gruesome comedy "The War of the Roses" Douglas and Turner play a couple again - but this time they fight to the death. Danny DeVito, with whom Douglas already harmonized on "Romancing the Stone", not only directed, he also played the lawyer who tells the divorce story.

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`` Black Rain '' (1989)

Director Ridley Scott.

Douglas and Andy Garcia lead an almost hopeless fight against the Japanese mafia Yakuza in the atmospherically dense but mediocre thriller.

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`` Basic Instinct '' (1992)

Director Paul Verhoeven.

The erotic power game between Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas went down in pop culture. The film triggered a veritable wave of erotic thrillers. In 2005 Stone slipped back into the role of the shady beauty in "Basic Instinct - New Game for Catherine Tramell", but this time without Douglas.

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Falling Down (1993)

Director Joel Schumacher.

"A completely normal day" is the subtitle of the film. In it, Douglas pulls a trail of violence through Los Angeles as a police officer on his last day at work. Depressingly controversial psychogram of the little man.

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'' Revelation '' (1994)


The nineties were far less successful for Douglas than the eighties. In "Disclosure" there were again erotic entanglements for the actor. This time Demi Moore tries as an ex-lover to get revenge on him and accuses him of sexual harassment. Critics found the thriller clichéd and reactionary.

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'' The Game '' (1997)

Director David Fincher.

After "Alien 3" and "Seven", "The Game" was only the third film by director Fincher. Sean Penn forces his brother, an unscrupulous investment banker (Douglas), to come to terms with his childhood trauma in a most dramatic way.

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'' Traffic - Power of the Cartel '' (2000)

Director Steven Soderbergh.

In the relentless reappraisal of US drug policy, Douglas played a judge who was appointed head of the DEA while his daughter became a drug addict. Douglas turned down his participation in the episodic drama and was replaced by Harrison Ford - but this canceled after a salary dispute. He is also committed to ensuring that his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, got a role. The scriptwriters built her pregnancy into the film.

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`` Wonder Boys '' (2000)

Director Curtis Hanson.

After many smooth careerists, Douglas' role in "Wonder Boys" was quite unusual: In the film adaptation of Michael Chabon's novel, he plays an English professor in a crisis who writes on his second novel, but fails. A sympathetic tragicomedy with an excellent cast, including Tobey Maguire, Frances McDormand and Robert Downey Jr. - The equally well-cast Katie Holmes plays a student temptation.

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'' It stays in the family '' (2003)

Director Fred Schepisi.

Three Douglas generations united on the screen: Kirk, Michael and Cameron Douglas play in the drama, grandfather, father and son. Cameron Douglas, Michael's son from his first marriage, is in jail for drug offenses.

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'' Against All Doubt '' (2009)

Director Peter Hyams.

"Beyond a Reasonable Doubt" is the title of the remake of Fritz Lang's classic "Beyond all Doubt". As a public prosecutor, he falsifies evidence, but "Desperate Housewives" beautifull Jesse Metcalfe is on his trail as a young journalist.

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'' Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps '' (2010)


In the rather mediocre sequel to the first "Wall Street" film, Douglas plays Gordon Gekko again, who is released after a long imprisonment - at the height of the stock market boom in 2008. Shortly after the film, the actor was diagnosed with cancer.

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Liberace '' - Too much of a good is wonderful '' (2013)

Director Steven Soderbergh.

"Behind the Candelabra" was a brilliant comeback for Douglas after his illness: For his portrayal of the extravagant, homosexual entertainer Liberace, he was showered with awards, including an Emmy and a Golden Globe. Co-star Matt Damon, who plays his young lover, has also received praise. Because Liberace `` - Too much of a good thing is wonderful '' is a television film (which was also shown in cinemas in this country), it was not considered at the Oscars.

In the coming year Douglas will be seen for the first time in a comic book adaptation: In the Marvel flick "Ant-Man".