Why Avril Lavigne stops rocking

These are the songs from your favorite TikToks

TikTok is proof that a song can become a catchy tune within 15 seconds. So it's no wonder that our brain feels like a jukebox when we look at different TikToks for more than half an hour.
The cool thing is, the selected songs in the videos not only serve as background music, they are often part of the trend or the punch line of a joke - there is probably no better place for music than this app.
And an all-clear for all music snobs: On TikTok, artists who are still unknown often get the chance to bring their music into the world. It is enough for a teen to perform a fancy dance and the song can become a world-famous megahit overnight. So there is more to hear than just the typical Top 40.
In addition, thanks to the app, older songs often get the opportunity to be listened to again after a long time - because Gen Z is particularly into nostalgic vibes. And in her case, the party hits of the 2010s are also classics. Wow, do I feel old right now ...
Below I have a slideshow for you with all the songs that are currently going through the roof on TikTok. So if you really want to know the name of the song from your favorite video, you will definitely find out here. And maybe you will discover a few more catchy tunes.