Who can beat the fourth Hokage Minato

Why does Naruto use his mother's family name?

The three main reasons Hiruzen gave Naruto the surname Uzumaki to his mother were to protect the village of Naruto and the Kyuubi.

As stated in the other posts, the name Namikaze makes him a target for his father's enemies.

But there is more to Uzumaki than that. Hiruzen understood that the mysterious masked man (Tobi) did not attack Minato Namikaze. What Tobi did was attack the Kyuubi. And a fashion trend seemed to be to have the Jinchuuriki as the son of the Kage, for example, Gaara was a Jinchuuriki and his father was the Kazekage. By giving Naruto the Uzumaki surname, Naruto + the Kyuubi became safer from anyone after the Kyuubi.

Hiruzen also took care to hide the information about Naruto altogether, as shinobi who knew about the attack (on the Kyuubi) were not allowed to talk about it (therefore, many people do not know that Naruto is Minato's son).

My extra 2 cents: All of this goes well with Naruto's personality, as the Uzumaki nature (bold personality, driven by will and conviction) suits the main character of a shounen better than the namikaze representation (genius, excels in everything). Maybe I am giving too much credit to Kishimoto, but I feel like he had it all planned (with Naruto being the son of the fourth and still having his mother's name and personality).


and his father's hair, and once he has mastered the nine tails, his extreme speed makes Naruto appear like "yellow lightning".