How can I make an overripe avocado?

Can you let unripe avocados ripen faster? 3 methods in the test

“We just wanted to let you know that we’re going to come over a few days earlier.” Oh dear… such sentences will quickly throw your entire meal planning overboard. You wanted to conjure up a colorful avocado salad and juicy guacamole sandwiches for your guests. The avocado that you bought and deposited in the kitchen is currently still hard as a stone and not yet ready to go.

So what do you do if it suddenly has to go faster than you thought and you want to process the avocado a few days earlier? Is there any way you can speed up the ripening process? After all, a rock-hard avocado doesn't make anyone happy in salads or sandwiches. Even good guacamole only works if the avocado is nice and soft.

To prevent panic in such situations, it is high time again for a little kitchen experiment. This time the most common methods are being tested to get hard, unripe avocados soft and ripe as quickly as possible.

I got some unripe avocados - no problem at all, of course - and then 3 methodsRipening avocados faster Put through its paces. With a banana wrapped in paper, baked in the oven or pickled in vinegar brine - what really works?

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Place the avocado with banana or apple in a paper bag

The idea

If you want to speed up the ripening process of an avocado, a little trick should help: The unripe fruit, together with a ripe apple or banana, in a paper bag or wrap newspaper. Put the fruits together in a warmer room and leave them behind Room temperature lie. (If you have to go fast, don't pack them in the fridge!) Apple and banana emit a ripening gas called "ethylene", which accelerates the ripening process of other fruits. Protected from cold air, with this method your avocado should be "ready to eat" in 1-3 days.

For the consistency ripeness comparison, I left a control fruit alone and without treatment, completely normally at room temperature, for the same period of time.

The result

Anyone who thinks that this method allows their avocado to ripen perfectly within a few hours will unfortunately have to be disappointed at this point. After the first 24 hours there was no noticeable change in the fruit. My packaged avocado passed the external ripening test 3 days maturing time consist. It was only after 3 days next to the banana and cuddled in the newspaper that the avocado gave in slightly in the pressure test and appeared to be ripe. Of course, the control avocado continued to ripen at the same time:

In direct comparison, the fruit that was packed with banana is a little softer than the untreated avocado after 3 days. Measured in time, you gain about 1 day with the banana-paper-methodThe avocado ripens faster than if it ripens on its own. You need about 3 days - starting with a rock-hard fruit - but also with a banana.

Consistency, appearance and taste

The Consistency is pleasantly soft and the taste butteryas you know it from a well-ripened avocado. The fruit is not damaged and looks - outside and inside - as usual. So this method has no negative effects on appearance, consistency and taste. So if you want to ripen your tough avocado a little faster and happen to have a banana in the house, it won't hurt to add it. So you're coming into the creamy avocado enjoyment a day earlier.

Heat the avocado in the oven

The idea

By adding heat in the oven, the avocado should be made to release its ripening gas. Wrapped in aluminum foil, the gas surrounds the entire fruit and leaves the tough avocado within 20-30 minutes at 90 ° C in the oven mature and become soft. So pack the avocado, turn on the oven, open the door, put the avocado in, close the door.

The result

After 20 minutes, nothing. After 30 minutes, nothing. After 60 minutes, a warm, hard avocado - nothing else. After 90 minutes, a warm, hard avocado with a brownish discolored skin.

How sobering. After 1 ½ hours I stopped the test, because nothing happened apart from the change in color of the shell. No trace of rapid ripening. After cooling down, I dared to cut open the still hard avocado so that I could examine it from the inside. Surprisingly, something had happened there after all. However, nothing good.

Consistency, appearance and taste

The pulp is after baking, especially in the area around the core, streaked with brown spots. That was neither the aim nor the point of the matter. Brown spots on the outside and inside - that's not what a delicious, ripe avocado looks like that you would like to eat and offer. Unfortunately, it didn't get soft and creamy during the whole action with foil and oven. The baked fruit is unfortunately far from the state of a ripe avocado as you know it, even after more than 1 hour in the oven. That doesn't mean much in terms of taste.

As expected, the baked avocado doesn't have much to offer in terms of taste either. The creamy buttery taste cannot be discovered with the best will in the world. Instead, the fruit tastes better somewhat bitter and immature. These Method failed all along the line.

Pickle the avocado

The idea

Mix vinegar and water, a little sugar and salt in addition - a simple brine is ready. Now if you have your Peel unripe avocado, cut into thin slices and you 2 hours in this brine in the refrigerator insert, it should then supposedly be edible. Treating them with vinegar, sugar and salt removes water from them and changes their taste and consistency. Avocados processed in this way are not good for a guacamole due to the acetic acid, but are supposedly delicious in a bowl of salad or on a sandwich.

The mixture for pickling:

  • 150 ml of water
  • 50 ml of vinegar
  • 5 tablespoons of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

Place the avocado slices in the mason jar

The result

I can hardly believe it myself, but it actually works. If you like pickles, you won't be averse to the pickled avocado slices. After 2 hours in the vinegar-water, the green, semicircular slices are really edible.

Consistency, appearance and taste

After their soak in the brine, the avocado slices really changed their consistency. They were pretty hard before loading, now they are soft and creamylike a ripe avocado - and that after only 2 hours.

After soaking the slices in vinegar for some time, it is not surprising that they get the Vinegar flavor have now also clearly accepted. you no longer taste typical of avocado, but also no longer immature but creamy-sour. They are a bit like pickles. Depending on how sweet or sour you like it, you can adapt the mixture of the brine to your personal taste. So if you want the avocado in the salad or on bread and it has to be quick, a good thing.

Which method is the best?

Results of the 3 methods in comparison

From the measure the Bake avocado in the oven I can generally after my test justadvise against. The avocado has this treatment in all respects more harm than good. The avocado turns brown and stays hard, nobody wants that.

To decide which of the other two methods is best for you, ask yourself the following questions:

1. How do you want to process your avocado?

You want your avocado to be creamy guacamolebecome? Then you better go for them Banana method back. This way the avocado ripens naturally and its taste is not adulterated. Processing of pickled avocado with guacamole would be due to the strong vinegar taste really critical and at least it wouldn't have much to do with the classic avocado cream. Sour is funny, but a good guacamole helps a lot more with a little lime than avocados soaked in vinegar.

Should the Avocado on bread or in the salad? Then you should Be sure to test the pickled avocados! They can be added to a fresh salad or sandwich real kick lend - provided you like them sour vinegar note. If not, you won't be a big fan of the inserted discs, though.

2. Do you value pure, buttery, creamy avocado taste?

In this case, too, you should rather pickle your avocado in a natural way or instead Let ripen next to a banana for a few days. Give it the time it needs to develop its typical taste. Then there's buttery avocado enjoyment.

3. How fast should it go?

Must be your avocado very quickly, within a few hours be ready for consumption, you have only this option insert them. Then you can process and eat after 2 hours.

You just want gain about a dayYour fruit should be ripe faster, the variant is them to wrap in paper with a banana the gentlest method to let the avocado ripen.

When the avocado is ripe enough, you can finally get started: