Can I learn NLP from online courses


"The NLP Practitioner covered a wide and very interesting range of topics and inspired me to stay tuned with the master's degree. Mario and the team convey the content in an entertaining way and make learning and use memorable and easy.
I have sharpened my eye for communication in very different situations and at different levels and significantly expanded my "toolbox" in order to be more convincing. That brings confidence and has inspired me to tackle more difficult topics and to see from different angles.
The organization was smooth and module dates could be chosen flexibly. Overall, absolutely recommendable for everyone who wants to deal with personal goals, development and communication. "M.

"Very competent and personable trainers who convey their knowledge with a lot of charm and charisma. Absolute recommendation for everyone who wants to experience NLP in a time-flexible and practice-oriented manner" Christian F.

"I was absolutely thrilled by the very individual interaction with the participants! Every second was intensively, effectively used and worth gold!
Thank you very much! "Anonymous

"The team around Mario is incredibly competent and has learned personally from master John Grinder and is in contact with him. The best academy for learning NLP and many other topics. The extensive online videos and the incredibly good and exciting live sessions have Let me experience and learn NLP perfectly. " C.