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Life hacks for your studies

Record your lectures

If you don't have enough concentration to take enough notes during the lecture, here comes the ultimate lifehack: Start a sound recording program on your mobile phone and record your professor's lecture. If you now think that you will have to listen to the whole lecture again in full at home, you are far from it. Just double the speed of the recording. You will find that you can still understand everything. This not only saves you a lot of time, but you can go through the content of the lecture again in peace and do not have to worry about not having taken down something important.

The pet that nobody wants: the cat

As a student, you can't avoid one or the other night of partying. Party nights are part of student life just like the day after is part of the serial marathon. Unfortunately, the next morning usually doesn't start so nicely. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips on how to beat your hangover quickly. To fight him out before partying, eat greasy foods so you can start off with a solid foundation. Also: drink a lot, but water. Alcohol removes water and salt from your body, which is why you should drink a few break water during the party night. You can also add some salt to your water before going to bed. The next morning you go straight to drinking mineral water or tea. There is something salty for breakfast. The miracle hangover remedy is known to be the rollmops. If the thought of it only makes you feel sick, the good old pretzel sticks are enough.

Menu à la microwave

When it comes to a student meal, most people think of a classic frozen pizza rather than a three-course menu. In addition to all the stress of learning and leisure, it is also not that easy to have enough time for balanced cooking. But if you feel like doing something homemade and unusual, you shouldn't underestimate your microwave. In addition to the classic instant noodle soup, you can also prepare a cup omelette, banana bread or even quesadillas in the microwave quickly and easily without an oven. But if it had to be the (frozen) pizza and the eyes were bigger than the stomach again, the microwave will also help you to have crispy pizza leftovers the next day. Simply put a bowl of water in the microwave to warm up the pizza. So you can eat your pizza the next day with pleasure and crispy.

Flat share fridge, goodbye fridge

When the remains of your garlic dip, your roommate's cheese and the indefinable previous day's meal of your roommate linger in the freezer again, a shared fridge like this can do one thing above all else: stink. If it weren't for some life hacks that can prevent this. If you like to drink coffee, you already have the first budget ready. Place a bowl of coffee beans or freshly ground coffee in the refrigerator. Coffee binds unpleasant odors and makes your refrigerator fresh again. Alternatively, you can use baking powder or baking soda. A freshly sliced ​​lemon half or grated lemon peel often does the same. If you want to clean the fridge anyway, use a little vinegar to wipe it off to remove the smells. With these life hacks for your studies, going to the refrigerator during your study breaks is fun again.

Breaks, power naps and sleep

Students also need a break from time to time. This is especially true for learning. It can help here that you divide your study and break times correctly. One method for this is the so-called Pomodoro technique. In this learning rhythm, a 25-minute intensive learning unit is followed by a 5-minute break, which in turn is followed by 25 minutes of study and a 5-minute break. You repeat this rhythm four times and then take a longer break. You should use the small breaks to relax a little. Instead of staring at the cell phone for five minutes, you can also use the break time for short workouts, yoga, drawing or simply doing nothing. Longer breaks are suitable for a power nap. By the way, it shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes, as you would then fall into a deep sleep phase and the power nap would then become more of a tired nap than before. If you need a particularly loud alarm clock to wake you up (again), there is an ultimate lifehack for that too. Simply place your cell phone with the speaker side in a glass and you can be sure that the alarm clock will wake you up twice or three times. Incidentally, this is also a great alternative if you want to forego the purchase of a sound system for the next party.

Beer, beer, cold beer

It's another evening like that: Actually, only a friend wanted to come over, but all of a sudden you have ten people sitting in your booth and no cold beer. What now? Simply wrap a wet paper towel around the beer bottle and put it in the refrigerator. The beer is perfectly cooled within 15 minutes. If you have ice cubes ready, you can also mix a cold mixture together. Put cold water, ice cubes, and table salt in a bucket or tub and place the beer inside. Schwupps ... cold and that in 10 minutes! With this lifehack, nothing stands in the way of a beer pong tournament. If you want to spare your kitchen table the beer shower, you can also play peerpong with a clothes horse. Simply put a board in the middle and hang the beer mugs on the respective sides between the bars. Fun is guaranteed in any case!