Is a game hardware or software

Is my PC suitable for a particular game?

Friedrich Stiemer

"Can You Run It" checks your installed hardware and finds out whether your PC or notebook is ready for games.

EnlargeWith the service "Can You Run It" you can check whether your PC is powerful enough for certain games.

Notebooks and PCs are made up of a wide variety of components that decide how powerful the computer really is in the end. There are countless hardware combinations, especially with desktop models. Because of these many possibilities, one of the most frequently asked questions is likely to be the following: “Can I play XYZ with my PC?” Especially with the current The Witcher 3, for example, many are wondering whether their graphics card can still work. The company System Requirement Lab has now taken on this problem and wants to provide an answer with the service "Can You Run It".

You can find the minimum or recommended system requirements on the manufacturer's website for a game. But it could be that you don't even know exactly which components are in your computer. Owners of complete PCs or notebooks in particular have this problem. On the other hand, the query with "Can You Run It" works a little faster than first searching for the requirements in the network and comparing them with your components.