Can there be more than one COO


To be a boss once - if you dream of it, you can quickly achieve this goal by founding a startup. Because then you automatically belong to the management level, to theC level, and can acquire the appropriate title: Chief Officer (CO). This term can be translated as "board member" or "managing director". However, he rarely appears in job titles, as a rule there is a third word in the middle that describes the job more precisely: Chief x Officer (CxO).

C-Level: the most important positions

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

In English-speaking countries, this is the chairman of the board or the sole managing director. In the case of startups, the CEO is responsible for the overall direction of the company. He determines the strategy and usually represents it externally, for example in business negotiations or pitches. So he is the boss among bosses, although there is often more than one manager.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

If the CEO is the “chief” (which can also mean chief in English), then the CFO is the finance minister. He takes care of all monetary issues and has an overview of the financial situation of a company. At startups, he is an important contact person for existing and potential investors.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

As the sales and marketing manager, the CMO has a connection to the customer. He ensures suitable advertising measures, market-driven pricing and optimal distribution via various sales channels. He is responsible for market research, customer service and a lot more.

Chief Operation Officer (COO)

The COO manages the operational business. This means that he is less responsible for visions and creative masterpieces, instead he ensures that the work processes work and that “the shop is running”.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Also called the Chief Technology Officer. The CTO is the technical director of a company and is primarily responsible for the functioning of the IT infrastructure. The is set up very similarlyChief Information Officer (CIO), which is why the terms are often used interchangeably. If a company has both positions, the CTO usually reports to the CIO.

There are hardly any limits to creativity when it comes to titles and abbreviations

There can also be a number of other positions at C-Level. That depends on the size of the company - and the imagination of the management level. Since the terms are usually not clearly defined and certainly not protected, the formula CxU can also be played with. So there is even oneCXU (Chief Experience Officer)who is responsible for the holistic world of experience of a company. Depending on the definition, his area of ​​responsibility is at least partially similar to that of a CMO.

Some abbreviations are ambiguous:CLO can mean Chief Learning Officer (for personnel development), Chief Legal Officer (legal issues) or Chief Logistic Officer - and a lot more. It also doesn't always stop at three letters. Examples: theChief Human Relations Officer (CHRO) as HR manager has four, as well as the oneChief Information Security Officer (CISO), the head of IT security.

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