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Sniper Elite 4: With a sniper to Italy

"Sniper Elite 4" takes us to Italy at the time of World War II. We slip into the role of an American soldier and have to deal with all kinds of Nazis, which we have to eliminate as inconspicuously as possible in tactical missions in order to achieve our respective goal. You can find out in our review how the third-person tactical shooter from Rebellion fares in the test.

Game modes for all tastes

After starting the game, we have numerous game modes to choose from, which should have something for everyone. In addition to the campaign, we can also play a survival mode in single player, in which we have to deal with several waves of opponents that we have to defeat in different arenas. The story mode and survival mode can also be played cooperatively with an online player, as can various sniper and reconnaissance missions.

When it comes to multiplayer, too, Sniper-Elite 4 offers us a large selection of game variants. Here, for example, we can expect classics such as the Deathmatch or the Team Deathmatch, where the aim is to achieve as many kills as possible alone or as a team. The “no crossing” mode, on the other hand, is a modification of the team deatchmatch, in which both parties are separated by an insurmountable obstacle and therefore have to switch off from a distance. Snipers also get their money's worth with the individual or team version of "King of the Distance". The point here is to turn off the fine ones from as great a distance as possible. The distances of the individual shots are added up at the end and the team or the player with the highest total distance wins. The multiplayer mode is completed by the game variant "Control". Here, radios are dropped all over the game world, which the teams must search for and defend until they have gained control over them.

Destroy the Nazis' miracle weapon

The story of the game starts on the Italian island of San Celini in 1943. The Americans have received information that the Nazis have a new, dangerous miracle weapon. The new missile, which can be controlled remotely from an airplane and directed at any target, is extremely precise and represents a great danger, especially for the ships of the Allies. The Americans had to experience firsthand how dangerous the weapon really is when one of your allied ships was wiped out while gathering intelligence on its new threat.

Now the American troops want to find out as quickly as possible what the Nazis have planned. To take a first step towards this information, the Americans are targeting the general of the German Air Force who is currently on said island in Italy. During our first mission, it is our job to eliminate this very general and his high-ranking officers and also to find out more details about the deadly weapon of the Germans. In the course of the story missions, we will find out whether the US armed forces succeed in thwarting the Nazis' plan and taking the weapon out of circulation in time, which can also be played again individually after successful completion.

Firearms, grenades and binoculars

The campaign can be played in four levels of difficulty, from "easy" and "normal" to "difficult" and "hardcore", so that everyone can choose the right setting for their own abilities. If you notice in the course of the game that the selected difficulty level does not fit, you can change it at any time via the menu.

Before each mission, we have the opportunity to choose our equipment, from primary and secondary firearms and grenades to useful items such as bandages. In the course of the game, more weapons can be unlocked or the existing ones can be improved through upgrades. The weapon types that are available to us include, in addition to the obligatory sniper rifle, also machine guns and compact pistols. The latter are mainly used when we run out of ammunition for our main weapons. The available weapons can either be switched through using the mouse wheel or selected directly using the weapon wheel. So that we do not run the risk of standing in front of an enemy without ammunition, we should always search the corpses of the killed enemies and thereby replenish our supplies. It is also possible to swap our own weapons for those of the dead soldiers and thus try out several variants during a mission. So that we know exactly whether an exchange is worthwhile, the exact technical details are displayed when looking at a firearm lying on the ground.

In addition to the weapons, we can fall back on various useful items during our missions. The detailed map gives us the chance to read the exact location of the mission objectives as well as our current distance from the respective objective. If we zoom in closer, it is also possible to see the sketches of streets and houses and thus plan a tactical approach. Another helpful item is our binoculars, with which we can not only observe our surroundings closely. It also has a marking function ready for us, with which spotted opponents can be permanently highlighted with a symbol so as not to lose sight of them. This is a very useful function, especially when several enemies are approaching us at once, as it helps us not to be surprised by a soldier from behind.

Better safe than sorry

As the name of the game suggests, we should always try to eliminate our opponents from a distance and not attract too much attention. To ensure this, it is advisable to always look for a sheltered location before we start aiming and eliminating the subtle. Elevated buildings such as towers in particular offer an excellent overview of the area and are therefore the perfect place to calmly scout out the area and mark and destroy the enemies. If there is no elevated location nearby, shady places and tall foliage also offer a certain protection, especially when we are in the prone position.

In addition, we should always be careful not to attack too often from the same position, otherwise the opponents will be able to find out our whereabouts and attack us there. If they have discovered us once, we will see our last known position by means of a red silhouette. This offers us the opportunity to retreat to a hiding place and from there to keep an eye on our former location in order to eliminate possible attackers from a distance. If there are only a few opponents who are looking for us, we can also resort to the more inconspicuous hand-to-hand combat with the knife in order to avoid additional attention.

Authentic sniper options and brutal kill cams

When aiming an enemy with the sniper rifle, any movement is a hindrance. Fortunately, since our soldier's breathing causes a certain amount of restlessness, it is fortunately possible to hold your breath for a short time. In this way, the head of the target can be targeted very well, which ensures a clean kill without unnecessary additional shots. If we succeed in a spectacular shot, we can also look forward to one of the notorious kill cams, which use X-ray vision to show us exactly which organs of the enemy are torn apart by the bullet. The chosen representation is very brutal, but it is still a unique selling point of the Sniper Elite series and therefore exerts a certain fascination.

Atmospheric surroundings, mask-like faces and American pathos

Graphically, "Sniper Elite 4" is convincing from the first second. Particularly in terms of the landscape, the work was done in great detail, for example with regard to light effects, water effects or shadows. The soldiers' movements also look good and provide a realistic feel to the game. Their faces, on the other hand, often seem a bit motionless and lifeless, which makes them look a bit doll-like.

The game was completely dubbed in German and also provided with a German subtitle, so that you really don't miss a single detail of the story. The voice of the American soldier usually seems a bit over-ambitious and exaggeratedly pathetic, especially within the sequences. However, since these are kept quite short, you can hide this point quite well. Musically, the game relies on orchestral, military-inspired music, which underlines the speaker's American pathos even more. Nevertheless, the music goes well with the scenes shown and ensures a suitable basic mood. The sounds also appear very complex and professional, which further emphasizes the good visual impression of the title.


All in all, it can be said that "Sniper Elite 4" is a solid third-person shooter, which can score above all with detailed and atmospheric worlds. The sniper options such as what to mark the opponent or the possibility of holding your breath are very well implemented and allow an inconspicuous, tactical approach. The brutal kill cams, on the other hand, are certainly not for everyone, but they still exert a certain fascination and are a nice gimmick. The control of the title, on the other hand, presents itself again and again as a bit out of round and wobbly, especially when it comes to the movement of the soldier during sprinting. In one situation or another, this can lead to confusion and an unnecessary potential risk. In addition, the American pathos of the game is simply too present from the start, both in the sequences and in the background music. If you have a problem with that, you will probably find it a little difficult with the shooter.

Genre fans will still find a successful and entertaining title in "Sniper Elite 4", which offers many tactical possibilities and also has numerous multiplayer game modes. So the game leaves a good overall impression, even if not in all respects.


  • Atmospheric game world
  • Tactical approach possible
  • Great sniper options like holding your breath
  • Kill cams


  • Clichéd story
  • Omnipresent American pathos
  • Partly uneven steering
  • Lifeless faces

Written by: Daniel Walter

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