Why did Intel buy McAfee

Intel no longer wants to use the "McAfee" brand

At the CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Intel boss Brian Krzanich not only presented a complete computer with Intel Edison, which is the size of an SD card and will be available from summer 2014. Krzanich also presented the new brand "Intel Security". Intel plans to offer all of its security products and services under this new brand in the future. According to Intel, this will in the course of time also include all products previously offered under the brand name "McAfee". Intel intends to continue to use the "red shield" symbol known from the McAfee logo. Intel will also offer some of the McAfee security products for mobile devices free of charge in the future. Intel plans to reveal further details on this in the coming months.

One reason for the decision is that John McAfee has caused a lot of negative headlines in the past few months. John McAfee founded the security software company McAfee in 1987. McAfee has been part of Intel since 2011.

In an initial reaction, John McAfee was enthusiastic about McAfee's decision. The BBC quoted McAfee as saying: "I am eternally grateful to Intel for breaking this terrible association with the worst software on the planet. These are not my words, they are the words of millions of angry users."

Not so long ago, John McAfee also shared a video explaining how to remove McAfee software from computers. (PC world / mje)