How did the Maldives become anti-India

BAG has now classified the Maldives as a risk country

The Maldives are now considered a corona risk area again, while Kosovo, Montenegro and North Macedonia are no longer. The BAG has updated the risk list again.

Those who soak up the sun in the Maldives will soon have to be quarantined again when they return to Switzerland: The Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) has put the island nation on the updated list of risk countries, which will apply from May 17.

Anyone who enters Switzerland from Costa Rica, Georgia, Iran, Colombia, Latvia, the Maldives, Mongolia or the Italian region of Basilicata from this date onwards also has to be in quarantine for ten days, according to the list published by the FOPH on Wednesday. The Maldives were on the list between February and April.

In contrast, a total of 19 countries and regions were deleted from the list. These include Greece, Tuscany, the Vienna area, the Czech Republic and the Ukraine.

The list now includes a total of 39 states and 16 regions in the neighboring countries of Germany, France and Italy. The list of states and areas in which there is an increased risk of infection with the coronavirus is updated around every 14 days. Recently, countries were also listed for short periods due to the dramatic epidemiological situation, such as India and most recently Nepal on Monday.

The Swiss state government puts states or areas on the risk list whose 14-day value per 100,000 inhabitants is more than 60 higher than that of Switzerland. This value is currently around 282.5 throughout Switzerland.