What are email service providers

E-mail provider - why you are on the safe side with mail.de.

Freemail or a paid email provider?

There are many Email provider in the market and everyone has a different strategy or business model. It is therefore worthwhile to compare the services of the individual email providers. Because there are big differences between the competition when it comes to safety and comfort.

Freemail provider offer their email service free of charge. This has the disadvantage that these freemailers finance their offer through advertising, which is often perceived as annoying or annoying by customers. In addition, the spam protection provided by free e-mail providers is often insufficient, which leads to an accumulation of unpleasant spam e-mails in the mailbox.
What makes us different from other email providers?

mail.de pursues a different business model. As a paid email provider, we focus on security, reliability and convenience. We charge a low monthly fee for this. You can use our convenient e-mail service for as little as 1.99 EUR / month. Because we are convinced of the high quality of our e-mail packages, we offer our e-mail account for one month free of charge. During this period you can convince yourself of our services.

mail.de - e-mail provider for security in mail traffic.

In order to protect our customers' e-mail accounts from spam and dangerous malware, we rely on the eXpurgate technology from our partner eleven. With this technology we achieve an anti-spam protection of over 99%.

mail.de relies on advertising-free e-mails

We guarantee that your e-mail inbox will remain free of advertising as part of our premium packages and that no advertising will be sent with your e-mails.

mail.de offers you a premium e-mail program

As a premium e-mail provider, we have developed our own e-mail program that provides many convenient functions that you otherwise only know from expensive software, such as:

  1. Calendar to manage your appointments with e-mail and SMS reminder
  2. Address book with professional contact management
  3. note
  4. Latest news via RSS feed
  5. Home page personalization
  6. Intuitive operation via drag & drop and much more.

Test our e-mail account for one month free of charge and register your e-mail address now.

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