Who are the state-sponsored companies

Briefly explained - subsidies for small businesses too?

In the business press one reads again and again the information that larger companies sometimes receive millions in subsidies and then do not use them in the way that citizens expect from their taxpayers' money. The anger about this is great for many, but one should by no means see funding opportunities in a generally negative light.

There are also attractive funding opportunities for the smallest companies. Regardless of whether you are starting up a business, a company with investment plans, or a company in an economically difficult situation - applying for funding is often sensible and easy.

As consultants, we support you in identifying and applying for suitable government funding.

Public funding can be used in different ways. The aim is usually to promote the economy and ultimately create new jobs or maintain existing ones by financing investments.

European funding or regional funding?

Young companies within the European Union are also to be promoted. But also the promotion of innovative products in existing companies can strengthen the regional economic structures through appropriate funding. This allows entrepreneurial know-how to be built up, from which future start-ups in the region can also benefit.

But what is being funded now?

The economy is supported in a variety of ways, for example through:
• Economic development by rural districts
• Funding from KfW, e. B. through loans
• Funding by the federal government
• Low interest loans
• lost grants to finance projects
• Trade fair funding
• Creation of homepages
• Further training
• advanced training
• Promotion of (business) start-ups

There are many measures that are funded with a grant, surety, or subsidized loan and information that is conveyed through counseling. But what does this process look like that a company has to go through in order to be able to call up the desired funding for starting a business or for financing an innovation?

An optimist always finds a way. A pessimist always finds a dead end.

Napoleon Hill (American writer)