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Proper portion sizes: this way you don't overcook

They are often smaller portions that remain on the plate after the meal. A leftover pasta with tomato sauce, a small amount of fried potatoes, a handful of lettuce leaves in the bowl. Leftovers that you just couldn't manage to eat and are now disposed of. The reason: Often we just cook too much. But how do you actually know how much food is filling us and what is the right one Portion sizes are? Especially when we have invited guests - who asks their visitors beforehand how many grams of meat they want? We reveal which portion sizes apply to which food and food group.

For orientation: portion sizes per person

Serving sizes for fish:

A portion size should consist of 200 grams, 150 grams is enough for children. If you buy a whole fish, you have to remove the fish's head, bones and fins. So if you want to eat 200 grams of fish meat, you should buy 250 grams of whole fish.

Portion sizes for meat:

If you make red meat your main meal, you should expect 150 to 200 grams per steak or schnitzel. If the meat is the basis for processed products, you can use a little less: 100 to 120 grams can be planned for sliced ​​meat or a minced meat sauce. You can plan 120 to 150 grams for dishes with poultry meat. If you buy a product with a bone that is to become the main ingredient, plan on 200 to 250 grams.

Serving sizes for cereals:

If you want to use rice, polenta, oat flakes (for muesli) or semolina as a side dish, you should use around 50 to 80 grams. It can be a little less for wholegrain rice and other products. The reason: you satiate a little more.

Portion sizes for pasta:

If you make pasta your main course, you can plan for 120 to 150 grams. If you only want to use it as a side dish, 50 to 80 are enough. The same applies here: Whole grain products are more filling.

Serving sizes for potatoes:

Plan on about 150 to 200 grams. That's roughly two to three medium-sized potatoes.

Portion sizes for vegetables and salads:

When it comes to vegetables or salads, portions that are too large are often prepared. A side dish of around 150 grams is enough for vegetables, the same amount applies to tomato or cucumber salads. With leaf salads, the portions can be a little smaller. 80 grams make a solid portion here. Of course, these portion sizes are only guidelines such as nutritional information, after all, you should always consider how many kilocalories (kcal) are consumed for a dish. But perhaps they will serve as a basis for you to cook exactly as you need in the future. Give it a try. If you're not full by then, change the portion sizes and use a little more next time.

By the way, we recommend the hand measure for snacks such as nuts or chips: