Why shooting events happened in the United States

Would the advanced background checks have prevented previous shooting events?

At best, a background check usually only delays a person who has subscribed to the violence.

However, especially in today's climate, it is possible that someone who has been rejected by a background check may also receive closer attention from law enforcement agencies through a verification visit. In that regard, it could be that someone becomes aware of the law enforcement and they somehow prevent the violence.

In fairness, it is extremely difficult to tell which crimes have been prevented because it is impossible to know for sure whether a person would commit a crime.

Even with an extensive background check system in place, it's relatively easy to buy guns either with a private transfer that doesn't require any testing at all, buying them in a state with no background check, or buying or just stealing guns illegally.

It is hoped that delaying a person acting out of emotion will give time to think before acting rashly. Unfortunately, this works best for those acting in a fit of passion. Mass shooting events are not committed by this type of criminal mindset, but by people who are able to plan their attacks.

Because of these factors, it is likely that the background checks being done today, if they had been done in the past, would not have done anything useful to prevent the shootings in the past.

The simple answer is no.


Wouldn't the solution be to make guns illegal in order to reduce gun inventories over time?