Who is your weird neighbor

Strange neighbor


I don't really know how to start.

We have a neighbor who is actually quite inconspicuous. I think he has a drinking problem, likes to have a drink in the evening. Perhaps that has to do with the fact that he is difficult to talk to and deal with with people. He avoids social contacts as much as possible, e.g. B. with the other neighbors. I have the feeling that the alcohol has made it looser.
We have never had a problem with him, other than that he is a weird bird in my eyes.
So that to explain.
But now I have noticed it negatively a few times in relation to my 10-month-old daughter. When I'm with her on the terrace, he suddenly stands there and says about 8 times in a row how pretty she is.
On Saturday we had a little barbecue to which all the neighbors were invited. I was surprised that he came. But good...
Suddenly he started fiddling around in front of my daughter again. my husband had her in his arms and the neighbor went with his face very close to my daughter (nose to nose). Then he said my husband should give it to him. My husband does not (yet) see it that closely and gave it to him. He held her up in the air, luckily my daughter immediately started yelling.
The other day he was on my terrace. First he grumbles on her with his fingers, then he puts his tie in her mouth and then he tried to take off her stump to tickle her. So I stepped in and picked them up.

Has become a bit long now.

I already know that I won't let my daughter out of my sight for a second and tell him clearly next time that I don't want him to touch my daughter or anything like that.
But do you think we have to think ahead? I'm just saying child abuse?

I'm really worried about that now. On the other hand, I don't want to do him an injustice either.

The top priority for me is, of course, to protect my child.

I'm exited for your opinions.