What chemical is used in making ganja

Medical use of cannabis

A cannabis medicinal product is a cannabis-based narcotic with a standardized active ingredient content. It must meet the safety and quality criteria of therapeutic products. In Switzerland, a doctor can prescribe cannabis-containing drugs (e.g. so-called «magistral prescriptions», i.e. remedies that are produced by a pharmacy on the basis of a doctor's prescription).

Medicinal cannabis products are predominantly used in medical practice

  • in chronic pain conditions, for example neuropathic or cancer-related pain;
  • for spasms and cramps caused by multiple sclerosis or other neurological diseases;
  • for nausea and loss of appetite in the case of chemotherapy.

Interest in cannabis medicinal products has risen sharply in recent years due to their wide range of uses and numerous reports of successful treatments.

Effectiveness insufficiently proven

Research into the effectiveness of the medicinal use of cannabis drugs is still in its infancy. The effect is still insufficiently scientifically proven. There are field reports for many applications, but no clinical studies that prove the quality, safety and effectiveness. This proof is a prerequisite for a cannabis medicinal product to be approved by Swissmedic and reimbursed by the health insurers.

Sativex® is currently the only cannabis medicinal product that is licensed under therapeutic law in Switzerland. It can be prescribed by doctors without a special permit from the FOPH, but only in the case of spasticity in multiple sclerosis.