How to grill with aluminum foil

Aluminum foil on the grill - Our guide to handling aluminum foil when grilling

The subject of aluminum foil on the grill has triggered quite a few discussions. If aluminum foil touches meat or fish, is it really poisonous? Or does it possibly even protect the grilled food from the harmful particles that are distributed with the smoke over meat, fish and the like? We have dealt with these questions more intensively and put together the most important information about grilling with aluminum foil for you.

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Is aluminum foil poisonous? It depends!

The question of whether aluminum foil is indispensable for grilling or poses a real health risk is not easy to answer. Basically, it really depends on whether you are using the aluminum foil correctly.

Grilling is one of the most original and perhaps the best ways to prepare meat, fish or vegetables. The hot embers create roasted aromas that make the mouth water of every grill fan. At the same time, however, grilling is not entirely without risk: the smoke contains tiny particles that rise up and can settle on the food to be grilled. Some of these particles are harmful to health, possibly even carcinogenic.

Aluminum foil and other underlay can protect the grilled food from these particles. Some barbecue experts advise you to wrap the food well or to grill it on aluminum trays so that the aluminum foil keeps the grill and grillage clean and protects your food from smoke. There are other reasons for using aluminum foil: When you grill feta cheese or fish, the food can be cooked gently in the foil and does not disintegrate. Can't imagine how big the disappointment would be if your expensive salmon ended up in the embers!

However, the aluminum foil contains aluminum ions that can detach from the material if the foil comes into contact with salt and acid.

Our practical tip: Whether fish, meat, cheese or vegetables: Please salt your food cooked in aluminum foil first after preparation! Also salty Marinades, strong acidic Fruits and tomatoes have in the aluminum foil Nothing to search!

Are aluminum trays an alternative?

Even the “Federal Institute for Risk Assessment” has dealt with the question of whether aluminum trays are an alternative to aluminum foil. The answer: The use of these bowls is "justifiable". Specifically, that means that the bowls help prevent fat from dripping into the embers and prevent the meat from burning too quickly, but the seasoning and salting should take place after grilling. But it should not be forgotten that the production of aluminum dishes is very energy-intensive and therefore harmful to the climate.

Grill environmentally friendly and safe with the stainless steel bowl

We can recommend the use of a stainless steel bowl with a clear conscience. These bowls are cleaned after grilling and are reusable. In addition, they look much higher quality at your barbecue and are easier to handle than a disposable aluminum bowl. The best: With the stainless steel bowl, no harmful substances are released from the material! Health-conscious BBQ fans are sure to make a good choice here!

As you've definitely never grilled before: banana leaves instead of aluminum foil

It is now clear that you should grill better without aluminum foil. But what other alternatives are there? Have you ever used banana leaves instead of aluminum foil? You can get fresh banana leaves for a small price in the wholesale market or in the Asian supermarket. If you want to use them instead of aluminum foil, brush them with oil after washing and wrap the grilled food in the sheet. With the help of a toothpick or shashlik stick, you seal the leaf into a pretty package. This method is particularly suitable for fish fillets, vegetables, poultry or cheese. If you can't get banana leaves or would like to experiment with other leaf types, try rhubarb, cabbage, or chard leaves


Aluminum foil can be used to e.g. B. to grill feta or salmon. However, the Never use aluminum foil with salt come into contact, as aluminum ions then detach from the foil and stick to the food to be grilled and are thus consumed. A clear no-go!

Aluminum bowls are not a real alternative, as the seasoning is essential here too may only take place after grilling!

On the other hand, one is well suited reusable stainless steel grill tray. These are not only particularly sustainable because they can be reused, but there is also no need to fear that harmful substances will dissolve.