A mango tree is a hardwood

What is mango wood?

Mango wood

Mango wood is a By-product the fruit harvest of mangoes. The Mango trees are on the plantation for about 7-15 years, are then sawn into large pieces, dried and used for furniture production.

The mango tree (Mangifera indica) originally grows in India, nowadays also in Central and South America, the Caribbean, Kenya, Thailand and in other equatorial regions of the world. It can grow up to 25 meters high and reach a trunk diameter of almost one meter. Mango wood is still relatively rare in German households.

Properties and appearance of mango wood

Mango wood is relative light, but has one qualitydensity. Hence it is considered very stable and durable. Since mango wood is a by-product, it is also a sustainable one environmentally friendly raw material.

Mango wood feels special hard and smooth at. It is recommended to use the wood varnished, as this preserves and protects it. Mango wood is one of the modern types of wood, similar to pine and teak. The wood of the mango tree has a unique grain and appears in a bright natural brown. Often you can also see mango wood products with a dark brown piebald grain.

Mango wood furniture

Mango wood is used to produce Furnishings used, such as:

However, it is still considered relatively new and modern wood and is used exclusively as Solid wood used. The mango wood bed in particular is enjoying increasing popularity. So if you want to buy mango wood to build your own bed out of mango wood, you should have this planned by a selected specialist wood dealer.

Mango wood: care

For the care of the mango wood furniture, we recommend the wood with a damp cloth to clean. However, it should not come into contact with running water, otherwise it can swell and form stains. So that you can enjoy your mango wood product for a long time, you can use special care products such as Wax or oil use to seal the surface and preserve color fastness.

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