What is a man's life

The mother in a man's life

Of sons and husbands, mothers and wives

The mother is the first woman in a man's life. She is the first to teach him what it is like to be a man. What messages does she give him on how he will later be as a man? What influence does your love affair with the child's father have on your relationship with your son? How does the mother relationship determine his later relationship with other women?

It is hardly possible for a man to speak neutrally about his mother relationship. The same applies to mothers in reverse - motherhood is seen by some as a gift and by others as a curse. In relation to the mother, the son is small and helpless, the mother big and powerful - exactly the opposite of the cliché of the strong man and the weak woman!
In her son, a mother meets for the first time a male who is completely dependent on her. The experiences she has had with men in her previous life directly affect the way she treats her son.
The importance of the mother-son relationship also extends far beyond a man's individual life. It is a crucial link in the chain of male-female relationships in our society.

In this very personal book, Victor Chu works out the characteristics of a (too) close mother-son relationship with all their shades. The author describes the relationship between mother and son from birth to death and the possible psychological effects of a close symbiosis. He gives suggestions for men to rethink their motherly relationship and to strengthen their masculinity. He also explains the importance of the father and the parental partnership and sensitizes mothers to the needs of their sons.