What would happen if Superman ate Kryptonite

How do superheroes have to be?

What is a superhero for me? His powers? The fact that he / she does good deeds? What makes them different from normal heroes? What are normal heroes?

First of all, for me, superheroes don't have to be infallible, they don't have to be perfect to become superheroes.
For one thing, in my opinion, superheroes need something that sets them apart from normal people, something that makes them superior to ordinary people. Be it the power to move mountains, to fly, a thick wallet with which you can afford technical equipment that others don't have, or whatever. any skills that make them extraordinary.

But that's not all. You also need to use this superiority to protect others, to do good. It is not enough to beat up villains because you want to be a hero or because you are into fame.
You have to stand up for people because they know they have this opportunity to protect them. You have the power to help them and with that a responsibility to other people. Hmm, damn it. When I wrote this sentence, I knew that it sounded familiar, but only now did I realize where it actually came from.
So again, they become superheroes because they feel responsible for people and their well-being through their possibilities and therefore also stand up for them.

You have to act selflessly, however. They don't bathe in fame, they aren't complacent. They are allowed to doubt and be afraid of themselves, but in the end they keep getting up and, if necessary, go to their deaths for those they want to protect.

Here are some examples of why I see whom as a superhero and others don't.

Sailor Moon
She doesn't want to be a heroine, just to lead a quiet life with a family of her own, and the heroic burden seems to overwhelm her at times. She seems weak, runs away, desperately crying out for help. But when someone else is in danger, their real strength shows. She is not aware of her own strength, but she protects her own and all other people with her life. When it comes down to it, she's there. When someone is in need, she doesn't run away, she is always there.

For a long time he was just the super powerful Boy Scout, but fortunately in the last few years or decades he has become a bit more human. More than any other superhero, he has powers and possibilities that set him apart from others. He actually resembles even the ancient gods, and he feels responsible for people because of his superiority. He wants to protect her, even if it means his own death. Even if it may appear, Superman is neither invincible nor immortal.

With Spider-Man you can already see quite clearly what distinguishes a costumed person with extraordinary powers from a superhero. At first he found his powers really cool and took every advantage of them. As a result, he had to swallow a bitter pill and learn in a very tragic way what responsibility these forces bring with them.
He is somewhat similar to Sailor Moon in this respect, even if his powers are far less. Basically, he wants to lead a normal life, but when people are in danger, he cannot avoid this responsibility. No matter how badly you play along with him, he always keeps going. Nobody thanks him, he is insulted and in every fight, despite his strength, his life is in danger. Still, he keeps going.

Difficult. Theoretically, he has no superpowers (apart from the fact that I don't believe that a normal person can only acquire such skills and knowledge through learning and training.) But because of his ability, he has an incredible number of technical possibilities and an iron discipline.
As a result, he actually plays with the other superheroes in the top division, but I still don't see Batman as a superhero. Rather than antihero.
Although he is there for the people and protects the residents of Gotham, I always have the feeling with him that he wants to punish himself with it rather than out of a sense of responsibility for the residents of Gotham.

Difficult too. At first he's an idiot in a costume who would like to be a superhero. Later, actually, too. Neither in the comic nor in the film did I have the feeling that he was doing it to take care of the people and to protect them. Everything he does he only seems to do because that's how superheroes do it.

Is not a superhero, rather an antihero, because although he protects the people around him every now and then (but sometimes also endangered), he is not at all aware of his powers in that sense.