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Experience report: SodaStream Crystal in long-term test!

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Do you still remember the "water bubbler" hype almost 15 years ago?At that time there was hardly anyone in our circle of friends and acquaintances who did not Soda streamers in the kitchen. At first everyone was totally enthusiastic, but after a relatively short time the initial euphoria subsided, which was partly due to the fact that man the bottles (at that time these were still made of plastic) just didn't get really clean ”.Many soda streamers ended up in the basement or in the garbage a short time later. It's actually a shame, because the idea behind it was a good one!


6 reasons that speak for tap water and against mineral water


For the following reasons, there is no longer any alternative to tap water for me, because:

  1. It is extremely cheap -> 1 liter only costs about 0.2 cents
  2. It will more strictly controlled for pollutants than bottled mineral water (amazing!)
  3. The tap water is always available at home ->no lugging of water bottles
  4. Tap water does not have to be transported by truck -> that protects the environment!
  5. The annoying oneThere is no deposit return!
  6. It can no plasticizers etc. get from plastic bottles into the water.

In this post I have dealt with the Advantages and disadvantages of tap water busy - if you have any doubts, have a look here:


Check: tap water vs. mineral water!


The Soda Stream Crystal

After the decision for tap water was made, I started looking for onehigh quality water bubblerthat can also be used without plastic bottles. I finally decided on this SodaStream soda maker Crystal Amazon Affilate Link


Reasons why I chose the SodaStream Crystal:


  • It contains a glass bottle (no plastic taste, no harmful substances!)
  • The bottle is dishwasher safe -> easy to clean.
  • It works without electricity - the carbon dioxide is pressed into the water by hand.
  • The cartridges are available everywhere and can be exchanged e.g. Real, Rossmann, dm, etc. for about 8 €.


Using the soda maker is very easy:

First, the CO2 cylinder is turned into the back of the soda streamer:



Then the glass bottle is filled with tap water up to the mark and placed in the container:




Now you just have to lock the soda streamer and press the button above 1 - 3 times. The pressure presses the carbonic acid into the water and you get amazingly good-tasting sparkling water within a few seconds.


Alternatives to water

If the water contains the desired amount of carbonic acid, you can still use it Juice, juice concentrate or syrup "Pimp", which is now also available in organic quality: Sodastream 4-pack organic - Fruit syrups with cassis, elderflower, lime, rhubarb Amazon Affilate Link


Anyone looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional syrup, I can recommend the organic fruit juice concentrates from the company "Ratiodrink". Here you can e.g. order 3 liters of orange juice concentrate, which you mix with water at home and so on 12 liters of organic orange juice (or a correspondingly larger amount of juice spritzer). This has the advantage that the water does not have to be transported across the streets, as is the case with juice that you buy in the supermarket (and which of course also consists of diluted concentrate), thus protecting the environment.


Additional tips after 1 year with the SodaStreamer:


  • The capacity of the bottles is relatively small (0.6 liters), so I still have one Bought an additional glass bottle for the soda streamer. We're actually getting on well with that.
  • If several children there to play are, I fill thisFridge mug Amazon Affilate Link
    / “Pitcher”, which I ordered from Amazon for about 5 € with previously bubbled water + some juice concentrate and put it in the fridge.

We also have a carafe bought for "still water", which I put on the table when we have visitors:





We have been using the soda maker for almost 1 year and are very satisfied! We only buy water bottles for on the go. UPDATE: It has now been 3 years and the SodaStream is still running every day. It is one of the most sensible purchases for us!

* I wrote this post 3 years ago - but I just revised it!

Best regards,



P.S. By the way, you can read about things you should consider if you want to switch from mineral water to tap water here on my blog.


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51 comments on “Experience report: SodaStream Crystal in long-term test!”

  1. the latch does not close properly, as if a spring is broken from
    upper part to close the bottle. How do I get an explosion plan or
    a spare parts list?

    • I'm sorry, but the manufacturer never wanted the customer to repair the devices. The manufacturer always paid attention to this. For this reason there are almost no spare parts or even exploded drawings or spare parts lists. A maximum of here and there videos are available in relevant channels as one or the other can be repaired onder instant.

  2. We have had the Cristel type for about two years.
    With some bottles, part of the water in the bottle holder spikes up to a deciliter, although we pay attention to the marking of the water level when filling. The crap just isn't tight.
    Unfortunately we have already de-sucked the previous model,
    I would use the old device again immediately.

  3. Great advertising, but not entirely realistic. If you put the filled bottle, tightly closed, in the refrigerator for 1 day, around half of the carbonic acid is lost. The product is only good if the water is drunk immediately after it has "fizzed". Those who love sparkling water are unfortunately better off with the plastic bottles available in stores. Therefore - no real recommendation for “Soda Stream”.

    • Dear Horst,
      this post was not created as part of a cooperation and corresponds to my personal opinion / experience.
      When we want to drink carbonated water, we freshen it up and drink it throughout the day. Even after years we are still very satisfied.

      Best wishes,

  4. We have been using the Soda Stream for months, but there is never fizzy water available for older children, because everyone just drinks but never cleans and refills, so I'm thirsty, am I just trying to find a bottle, cleaning it, etc. that sucks I can choose: shopping and lugging around: water there at any time or clean up and water bubbling and annoying

  5. Hello, our Sodastream, which has been in operation for a year, now has the following problem: After the glass bottle has been filled and filled with pressure, the screw cap can no longer be opened and the bottle can no longer be unlocked. What options are there to turn this off?

  6. After a week, on average, 4 bottles a day, the SodaStream Crystal 2.0 soda maker was leaking and water collected in the head.
    My old device with the pet bottles held tight for 26 years!

  7. Thanks for this great blog. Was very interesting to read.

  8. Only problems with the soda stream, from 3 bubbles water overflows twice and the container is filled with water. No customer service at Soda Stream is really weak and I don't recommend it under any circumstances

    GREETING Robert

  9. Good day.
    Does anyone know how much carbon dioxide there is in comparison to the Soda Stream Power of the highest level?
    I am interested in whether there is more in the Power than in the Crystal!
    Because of the overpressure valve in the Crystal, only a certain amount of CO2 goes into it.

  10. The horrible TV advertising prevents me from trying this product. Why do people have to be used for the PR campaign who all have trouble with the pronunciation of S, Sch, Sp, St etc, and that of all texts whose words consist practically only of S such as soda stream, soda, water, bottles etc. Impossible and repulsive!

  11. Hello. Have had the soda stream for 2 months and actually everything was fine, but the last cartridge always caused problems. Sometimes only air came in, sometimes the supply didn't stop. It rattles when the button is pressed and the bottle then does not go or only with a big pop to unscrew.
    Now it rattles more often. You don't dare to press any more. Will probably have to complain.
    Does anyone else have any experience

    • Is it an original cartridge?

      • Yes, of course .. I only take originals, because I think that should be the best.
        Now we have complained, went via Austria! Directly with the manufacturer, probably because we live right on the border. We should dispose of the broken one ourselves and got a new replacement without further ado. It works fine now.
        Is loaded daily for about 10l.

  12. Hello Sodastream "Community"
    Here are my experiences with SodaStream Cool:
    Bought at Lidl. OK. Yes, with plastic bottles.
    Unpacked, put into operation. Everything fits.
    The instruction manual states “... you will get the best result with chilled water from the refrigerator. Cold water absorbs the carbon dioxide better "
    Said and done. Cold water is poured into the bottles, left in the refrigerator for a while and then ... sparkling, sparkling, sparkling. Worked fine.
    noticeable of carbonic acid in the water. Tastes just like it does from the tap.
    I did the whole procedure with MORE carbon dioxide - i.e. pumped 5 times. Again the same result.
    Since the carbon dioxide cartridge has been correctly inserted (screwed in), the bottle has been correctly and tightly fastened in the screw flange provided and the carbon dioxide is blown audibly and visibly, there is nothing that can be changed in this regard.
    So the conclusion: it will probably have to do with our calcareous water.
    So unfortunately a return to mineral water in PET bottles…. I want to avoid that with SodaStream.

    • Hello, Josef,

      Thanks for the feedback. However, I cannot imagine that there is a connection between the lime content of the water and your problem with the SodaStream. I would complain about the device.

      Best wishes,
      Patricia Wons

  13. We have had a Soda Maxx for six months and are very satisfied with the sparkling water. Unfortunately, when I open the bottle, I always get a bad smell; the cap smells exactly like that on the inside.
    Could it be that the bottle and cap have to be put in the dishwasher more often?

  14. So I cracked my sodastream 2 years and 4 months while bubbling and broken
    At work I also had a sodastream about 2_3years suddenly when it was bubbling it exploded and shot around my head in the hallway where children run, small pointed parts, work in kindergarten. So I'll never buy such a dangerous part again

  15. Hello,
    are considering whether we should buy a Sodastream Crystal. What interests us now: is the water a bit fine-pearled or coarse-pearled? You can influence the carbon dioxide content yourself, but there is mineral water in the store that is a bit finer or a bit more coarse. Who can answer me this question.

  16. Hello

    Unfortunately, I can only report negative things about the Sodastream Crystal 2.0.
    We bought it in a pack of 2 glass bottles and it didn't work properly from the start.
    Everything was always wet and we reported it as defective. Then Sodastream “fixed it but apparently lost it.
    We got a replacement device and lo and behold ... the same problems as with the first device.
    Everything was wet and yes we used the soda maker correctly.
    Sodastream -> NEVER AGAIN !!

    • Ahoy,

      don't want to advertise here, but I'm pretty sure that you just filled the bottles too full. Have a home and one in the office and until now this has only happened to me when I ignored the level line (overfilled)!

  17. Hello, I've been thinking about switching to Sodastream for a long time and I would like to be able to tick it off my to-do list. Now I came across your blog during my research and read the test for Sodastream Crystal. But there are probably other versions of soda streams. Because at Lidl in the magazine directly on the first page, a soda stream “Cool” is offered. What is the big difference, apart from the price? The one on Amazon costs € 129.99 and the one at Lidl € 39.99.

    Of course, the service at Amazon is amazing, but does it justify the 90 € surcharge?

    LG Emmie

    • Hello Emmmie,
      In any case, I would pay attention to glass bottles - they are easier to clean and the water just tastes better from them (at least to me).

      Best regards,