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Green electricity vs. conventional electricity: what you as a company need to know about sustainable energy supply

Hydropower is the oldest technology in the field of sustainable energy generation. As a supplement to wind and solar power, hydropower plants provide reliable and base load-capable energy from CO2-free generation - and without weather-related fluctuations. Sustainable electricity generation from hydropower can be flexibly controlled in order to compensate for grid fluctuations, and the energy generated can be temporarily stored in larger quantities - for example in pumped storage power plants.

Therefore, electricity from hydropower is a good and safe choice for companies. It is worth paying attention to the origin. If providers can specifically name in which hydropower plants the electricity is generated and whether these are located in Europe, that speaks in favor of reputable providers.

With a total of 109 hydropower plants with 2 GW installed capacity, Uniper is one of the largest operators of hydropower plants in Germany and one of the largest operators in Europe with an additional 76 hydropower plants with 1.5 GW installed capacity in Sweden.

With the eco option, Uniper offers companies the opportunity to obtain 100% green electricity from hydropower - online via the Uniper Direkt online platform. In this way, RLM customers can easily and conveniently conclude a tariff for their sustainable energy supply and thus actively promote their own sustainability and energy transition.