My best friend is acting weird

Good friend is acting weird


i have a problem with a good friend. I can't really interpret his behavior and I am hoping for help here.

So we have known each other for 5 years. We have a common hobby and are in a club.

He did a lot for me, brought things with me from 300 km away, set up a carport for me, stood by my side when I was not feeling well, etc.

Now it is so that he felt bad, he had a real depression, if you can call it that. He saw everything only negatively, couldn't cope with unemployment, said he wanted to be a bum, etc.

I talked to him well and then said that I wanted to go out with him so that he could get other thoughts. Our conversations lasted for hours. But I didn't get an answer to the SMS with the going out.

Then we argued because he moved me one evening and he said in the argument that he doesn't want to have anything to do with me privately, only that he wants to communicate in the club and through the club as normal as with other members and I would have to deal with it, even if it would be difficult for me.

He then said he wouldn't play Punch for me and I should stay out of his life ...

I said he is not the only one in my life and if something was important to him because of our good relationship he should come and then we talk about the matter again, but he did not come ... since then it has been silent, except that I wrote to him today , because of a club thing, something came back - quite normal ...

What should I do and what has he got?

If the question arises as to whether there is more going on between us, I have to say that he sometimes makes hints, fiddles with my hair or holds my hand tight ...
but only if he has had a drink.