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Series like The Big Bang Theory: The Best Alternatives

The 11th season of is still on TV The Big Bang Theory. Season 12 is expected to go on air in the US in September. There is no official confirmation yet, but after that it seems to be over. So it's high time to find alternatives to the series with our series guide Big Bang Theory to find.

Best friends, crazy cast

The four nerds are a tight-knit community. Failures in women, humiliation by the physically stronger - all of this can be endured if you stick with your own Friends feels in good hands.


Hardly any series has demonstrated this as prototypically as the sitcom classic Friends. The series follows the big city life of six friends. The eponymous “Friends” all have a clear idea Strengths and weaknesses. Every viewer can identify with at least one of them.

Friends is available on Netflix, Maxdome and ProSieben (links to ads).

The IT crowd

A sworn community against the outside world: That is also the premise of The IT crowd, a series about an IT team in the basement of a company. And as in The Big Bang Theory, comes with a woman a lot of movement in this Community.

The IT Crowd is available on Netflix (link to ad).

Totally wrong, full of life

Freaks and Geeks, so the apt original title, shows the Everyday life of two opposing circles of friends at a high school: the truants, the freaks, and the geek, the geeks. The series had bad ratings, but now enjoys cult status.

Between nerd and madness

Strictly speaking, they are Nerds the Big Bang Theory not insane. And yet everyone has their own ticks. Above all Sheldon Cooper, who always walks the fine line between Genius and madness transforms.

Young Sheldon

The young Sheldon at work | © Warner Home Video

The offshoot shows how Sheldon became this delusional genius Young Sheldon. Decades ago The Big Bang Theory Sheldon lives as precocious child prodigy in conservative Texas. A challenge not only for him, but also for his family.

Young Sheldon is available at Maxdome and ProSieben (link to the advertisement).


He has an equally impressively long list of phobias Detective Adrian monk. But he can also Crime scenes read and Connections recognize like no other. He brings criminals to prison and those around him to despair.

Monk is available from Maxdome (link to ad).


Even the weird geniuses of Scorpion use their spiritual gifts to fight crime. For example, they fight in the service of the US Homeland Security Service against hacker attacks, but also solve complex problems in our engineered world.

Scorpions is available on Netflix (link to ad).

Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency

The eccentric one Dirk Gently believes that everything is connected. Based on the novels by Douglas Adams, he slides off Adventure to adventure. Sometimes more, sometimes less successful. And no less crazy than in AdamsThe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency is available on Netflix and on Maxdome (links to advertisements).

Silicon Valley

Richard Hendricks and Jared Dunn propose a thesis | © HBO

Even the IT experts out Silicon Valley are anything but ordinary. Your app "Pied Piper" might be awesome on the interpersonal level but they still have some catching up to do.

Silicon Valley is available on Sky (link to ad).

Multiculturalism and the science of diversity

In The Big Bang Theory Different worlds meet again and again: Sheldon despairing of the godliness of his Texan mother, Raj's parents interfere in his love life and Howard puts down his Jewish identity or carries it on as needed. For this Multicultural the series gets its charm.


The series is similarly colorful Community to. One meets at Greendale Community College thrown together groupto study for a Spanish course. A series full of exaggerated characters and pop culture references.

Community is available from Maxdome (link to ad).

Modern family

Cam and Michel picnicking with friends | © Fox

As different as people are, as different as their relationships:Modern family tells from everyday life by three families. Regardless of whether it's a younger model woman, same-sex marriage, adoption or traditional family: everyone has their own Challenges to fight.

Modern Family is available on Netflix and Sky (link to ad).

Master of None

The culture clash is a central theme in Master of None: Actor Dev not only has to grapple with his everyday life in the cosmopolitan city of New York, but also with his Indian parents.

Master of None is available on Netflix (link to ad).

Dear White People

Samantha White moderates the eponymous radio show "Dear White People" at Winchester University. You and your black fellow students meet there Everyday racism and social inequality.

Dear White People is available on Netflix (link to ad).

In the mood for love? We prefer chaos!

So much so are the four heroes of the Big Bang Theory see also as scientists and thus as rationalists, they are all looking for the true love - except for Sheldon, maybe. Leonard & Penny, Howard & Bernadette and Amy & Sheldon try the Everyday madness to master together. Here are more series that could follow in the footsteps of The Big Bang Theory for your next binge.

How i met your mother

Ted is in too How I met your mother looking for the woman he wants to start a family with. Told as a review, the young architect struggles not only with love, but also with city life.

How I met your Mother is available on Netflix and Maxdome (link to ad).

New girl

Jess and Nick full of expectations | © FOX

After catching her fiancé cheating, she pulls happy and naive Jess in a shared flat with three men. She has to be in New girl not only learn to get over their separation, but also to deal with the opposite sex on a purely friendly basis.

New Girl is available on Netflix and Maxdome (link to ad).

Two and a Half Men

Before the Big Bang Theory produced series creator Chuck Lorre Two and a half men. This is also about the search for love. However have Womanizer Charlie Harper and his conservative brother Alan had very different ideas about it. Two and a half Men is available from Sky and Maxdome (link to ad).

Crazy ex-girlfriend

Rebecca Bunch hits in Crazy ex-girlfriend after ten years her childhood sweetheart Josh happened again. Following an inspiration, Rebecca leaves her old life behind and follows him.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is available on Netflix (link to ad).

Regardless of whether The Big Bang Theory gets a finale now or is still being continued: The entertainment world offers plenty of new things Series material for nerds, who may soon have to say goodbye to their favorite series, The Big Bang Theory.