How are colored cotton towels dyed



The practical color towels from Dr. Beckmann offer many advantages:

  • Perfect protection against discoloration for your brightly colored and light laundry as well as textiles with a white component
  • Color brilliance effect for bright colors
  • Washing different colors together means sort less laundry
  • Fewer laundry loads thanks to full machines saves time, energy and water

The Dr. Beckmann paint & dirt traps deliver thanks to the combination of the tried and tested Microfiber structure and the new color-catching molecules a perfect discoloration protection for your laundry. The extra fine fibers of the microfibre ensure a particularly large surface so that paint and dirt particles can be quickly absorbed from the water and securely bound in the cloth. The dye-trapping molecules are released from the cloth at the beginning of the wash cycle. They bind leaking paint everywhere in the water, so that they can no longer settle on other textiles.



Helpful tips

  • Observe the care labels on the textiles.

  • Always use a color detergent for patterned textiles with white components (here you can find out everything about washing clothes).

  • Wash new colored laundry separately the first time. For heavily bleeding, dark, color-intensive textiles: Dr. Use Beckmann paint & dirt traps ULTRA.

  • Please refer to the device manufacturer's instructions for use.

  • Not suitable for personal hygiene.

  • With a large amount of heavily bleeding textiles, complete absorption of the color by the cloths cannot be guaranteed.

This is how it works

  1. Fill the washing machine with laundry as usual. Dose detergent as recommended.
  2. Depending on the color intensity, put 1-2 cloths in the drum and start the desired washing program.
  3. Dispose of the cloth in the household waste after the wash cycle.

Frequently asked questions

When I was washing my new red blouse, despite using a Dr. Beckmann everything turned pink. Your product doesn't deliver what it says on the tin.

New textiles should always be washed separately at the beginning. The information about this is also on the packaging.

I wash with a powder detergent. The colors have bled out despite the color catcher and have settled on other items of laundry.

Heavy-duty detergents contain oxygen-based bleaches and optical brighteners. These intensify the bleeding of the colors. We recommend using a color detergent for colored textiles in order to avoid discoloration in the future.

There is a date on the packaging. What's this? And what do I have to take into account?

This is the production date. You can safely use the color wipes for up to five years after the date of production.