What does the Hindi word Narak mean


Hindi-German translation:

Greetings namaste
please- mehrabani se
thank you-dhanyabad
Sorry- maaf karije
What's your name? - apka schubh nam?
right dai
straight ahead- sesidhe
Hotel hotel
Room camra
Bed charpoi
Castle tala
Luggage- saman, asbab
Friend- miter
Medicine dawa
Paper kaghaz
Street rasta
Temple mandir
How much (money)? - kitne (paise)?
Bill please - bill lao
That's too expensive- jeh bahut mehnga hä
cheap- sasta
Essen- khana
Potato alu
Vegetable sabzi
Spinach palak
Cauliflower ghobi
Creme Malai
Cheese paneer
Bread- chapati, roti, nan
Butter makkhan
Salt namak
(Drinking) water (pine ka) pani
Milk dudh
Sugar chini
thirsty pyasa
fresh taza
enough kafi
healthy tandurust
large- bara
tired thaka
when? - kab?
now- from
tonight (evening) - aj (shame)
tomorrow / yesterday- cal
(next) week- (agale) saptaa
Hour- ghanta
Monday somwar
Tuesday- magalwar
Wednesday- budhwar
Thursday- guruwar
Friday schukra war
Saturday shaniwar
Sunday- rawiwar
Holiday - chutti ka din
What is that called in Hindi? - isse hindi mä kja kahte hä?
I cannot speak Hindi, Hindi, Nahi, Janta
Do you speak English? - kja aap inglisch bolte hä?
Understood! - aja
I do not understand-! mujah samaj nahi ata!


0- sifar
1- ek
2- do
3- tin
4- Tschaar
5- pansch
6- tche
7- saat
8- aath
9- no
10- that
11- gjaara
12- baara
13- tera
14- choda
15- pandra
16- sola
17- satra
18- ataara
20- to
30- tis
40- chaalis
50- patschas
60- saath
70- satar
90- nabbhe
100- so
200- do so
2000- do hasaar
10 000- the hasaar
1 000 000- the lakh
10,000,000 crore

home = Swades
bye = alvida
Dearest = Saanwariya
just see = Dekho na
star = Taara
Welcome = Svâgat, Tashrîf tâiye
Thank you = Shukriya (North India e.g. Pakistan)
Thank you = Dhanyabad
Starlight = Sitaara
Moon = Chand
Moonlight = Chandini
Sun = suraj
Sunshine = Dhup
I don't care = Muhje iskii parvaah nahin
I know = Mera jaante hoon
where, where = Kaho
Girl = Ladki
Boy = ladka
Wind = Hawa
look who has come = Dekho kaun aaya
look, see, look = Dekho, Dekha
Weather = Mausaam
Lamp = diya, diye
Flame = Shola
for you = Tere Liye
for me = Mere Liye
How much (money) = Kitne (paise)
give, give her = lao
Harmony = Sanjana
Hand = haath
What time is it = kya baja hai
Wish = Tamanna
What's your name = Aapka naam kya hai, Tumhara naam kya hai
My name is ......, yours = Mera naam ....... hai, tumhara
How are you = Aap kaise hain, Tum kaise ho
I'm fine = Main achha hoon, Main thiik hoon
How old are you = Aapki umar kya hai
I am ..... years old = Meri umar ... hai
nothing = kuch nahin
Someone = koi
nobody = koi nahin
Why did I fall in love = Maine pyar kyon kiya
Where are they from = Aap kidhar se ho
I am here = Main yahan hoon
what are you doing now, what are you doing = Tum kya kar rahe ho
I'm about to leave = Main chal rahi hoon
I've started to like you = Aap muhje ache lagne lage
is = shark
something = cake


I = main
we = hum
you = tum
crazy = deewana
mad = pagal
you and me = Hum Tum
World = duniya
Life = Zindagi
strong, mighty = Shakti
Love = pyaar, prem, mohabbat, ishg
Honey, darling = Janam, Sanam, Piya
without (without love) = Bina (Ishq Bina)
Love story = Mohabbatein
Friend = Dosti, Dost
Heart = dil
yes = haan,
no = nahin
but = lekin
alone = akela
on = par
What = kya
Who = kaun
Why, why = kyon
Who is that = Yeh kaun hai
What is it = Yeh kya hai
What have you done = Yeh kya kiya
Daughter = Beti
Son = beta
Garden = begice
House = Makan, Ghar, Mansil
This is a house = Yeh Ghar hai
Room = Kamra
but = Lekin
and = aur
red = Laal
pink = gulabi
Color = rank
white = Safed
maybe = Shayed
Monday = Somvar
Tuesday = Magalvar
Wednesday = Budhwar
Thursday = Guruvar
Friday = Shukravar
Saturday = Shanivar
Sunday = Rawivar
This is my room = Yeh mera kamra hai
Sister = Didi
In one day = Ek Din
only you = Sirf Tum
softly = Chup, Chori
happy, glad = khushi
Thick bangles = kangana
Thin bangles = Chruria

Jaati caste

Yeh raat bhigi bhigi- That damp, damp night ....

Hello = namaste
please = mehrabani se
Train = gari
yes = han
no = nahin an indian friend of mine who studied here said nasal nolte from the nose, which means something like speaking with your nose closed

lamp = chiragh
friend = miter
small = chhota
temple = mandir
excuse me = maaf karije
left = bai
retchs dai
tea = chai

How are you?
= Aap ka haal kya hey?

What's your name?
= Aap ka naam kya hey?

I'm in love -mujhe pyaar hogeya hai.

i love india- mujhe india se (bharat se) mohabbat hai.

i still go to school mä abhi school jati hun.

I'm 20 years old: Mei bhees saal ki hooN.

Dekho means: look!
(Maine) dekha means: I've seen!

Dearest or Beloved: Saajanji
Ladka means boy and Ladki means girl

1. But - lakin, lekin
2. Answer-Djawaab
3. Lawyer-wakil
4. Meaning -matlab (in Hindi, for example if you did not understand the meaning of a sentence, Arabic = a request)
5. Image-taswir
6th pen calam
7. Medical Dawaa, 8 Sanskrit = Ayurveda)
8. Morgen-subah (The morning), tomorrow-kal
9. heavy-muschkil (Arabic: muschkil = also the problem)
10. Chair course
11th question = sawal (Arabic = suaal)

I speak = main bolti (or bolta) hoon
you speak = tum bolti (or bolta) ho
he speaks = vah bolta hai
she speaks = vah bolti hai
we speak = hum bolti (or bolte) hain
her / her (salutation) = aap bolti (bolte) hain
they speak = veh bolti (bolte) hain

Kya = what?
Kyu = why?
Dunya = world
Kabhi = sometimes
Khushi = happiness
Ji = yes or Haan
Nahi = no
Saaijanji = beloved or one can also say Mahiya.
gross-bara / i
small-chota / i
nice-acha / i

Where have you been? : Aap kahan the?

I care about you: Mujhe tumhare fikar hai

1.:I will never forget him means: my usse kabhi nahin bhulungi
2 .: Mujhe kuch kehna hai = I have to say something
I have to tell you something: mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai!

3rd: where have you been? = Tum kahan the?
because aap would then be you

4th: I care about you = mujhe tumharI fikar hai!

arka boy
larki girl
pyar, mohabbat, ishq, prem-love
thiik he-ok
mujhko hindi nahi ati-I can't do a hindi
mujhko hindi sikhni jahi ye-i want to learn hindi
my teri ti-I was yours
my teri hun-I am yours
my teri hoga-I'll be yours
hoga-will happen (future tense)
yeh-this / s / r

kya yeh gari japani hai-is your car a japanese car

… Tera kyaa vichar hai? - What do you think about it?
My Khud Soch Raha Tha - (I was thinking my self)
Tujhe Mera Dil Se Pranaam - my warmest greetings to you
Dil Se Khush - happy with all my heart
Dheere Chlana --- walk slowly
Tere Saath ’--- with you
Saath - with
Shubh Prata - Good morning
Shubh Sanyankal - good evening

Dil Se Pyaari - with all my heart love (female)

aap kidhar se ho? - Where are you from?
aap - you

dhomm kidhar se ho? - Where are you from?

Abhi naa jao chod kar - don't go to leave me
Meri Pyaar = My love
Main Yaha Hoon = I am here

And the difference Deewana and Paagal =
Deewana, is a person who is crazy with love or after love. A Paagal is just a lunatic.
Deewana is always about love and passion.
Majnoun e.g. another word for Deewana.
But it can also be someone who is simply crazy.

Tumhara mujpe esan rahe ga

I will not forget this favor for you.

I am going
Main chal rahi hoon
I'm about to leave ..
So Tum kyaa kar rahe ho means what are you doing right now?
Or what are you doing there? depending on your tone of voice.

Mujhe tumse pyaar hai is also correct. Just a different grammar construction

Khiladi = player (for example in cricket)
aap muhje ache lagne lage = I've started to like you

Ek Hasina Thi "once upon a time there was a beautiful one

Maine Jise Abhi Abhi Dekha Hai Kaun Hai Woh Anjaani
The woman I've just seen, who is that stranger?

Woh Hai Koi Kali Ya Koi Kiran
Is she a flowerbud, or a sunbeam,

Ya Hai Koi Kahani
or is she some fairy tale?

Use Jitna Dekhon Utna Sochon
Every time I take a look at her, I think,

Kya Use Main Keh Doon
what could I possibly say to her?

Love wins means:

Pyaar jitta hai

Love always wins means:

Pyaar hamesha jitta hai
Tuhje dekha to yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
Ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum
Teri baahon my mar jaaye hum:

When I saw you I understood this honey
Love is madness honey Where do we go from here now?
May I die in this embrace

tu hi bata means: YOU should speak or speak
or tell YOU something
hi is a syllable used for stress similar to to.

But that's very rude and at most a mother would say that to her child.

better would be:

Tum hi batao or
Aap hi bataije

Yeh pyaas hai badi This thirst is huge!
chanda ki doli - litter (d.olii) of the moon, or: lunar litter

Mohabbat card hoon love you

Kuch = something
hota = to happen, his or her to become
hai = is
Zindagi life "
Pardes like foreign countries or strangers

"Chalna" means to go
Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani: means as much as We are Indians in our hearts
pagal - crazy, deewana - madness

Hearing is called "sunna" and speaking is called "bolna". "Sona" means to sleep, but it can also mean gold.

I am very happy.
Main bahut kush hoon.
Literally: I am very happy.

The house has 5 rooms.
Ghar mem panch kamre grove.
Literally: house in which five rooms are.

how old are you? - tumhari umre kidni hain?

Flower is called Phuul, suraj means sun - maddham something like "darken."

They (respectfully) lie: Aap juut bolte hoon.

maybe better "aap juut bolte hain"?
my hoon, tum ho, aap hain ....

Sea samudra
River nadii
Water "bani", rain "barish"
Ocean is called sagar
Angel is called parii
duniya world
insaan - human
insaniyat humanity
mausam- season, weather
zabaan- language
andaz - guess
nafrat hatred
khubsorat- pretty
ikhlas love, friendship
Guzar entrance also means, for example, existence
dost friend
isley-that's why
baij sign
sabab reason
indu- moon
Aaj ke liye itna hi kaafi hai. = It's enough for today

Merry Christmas- Shub Naya Baras

I love you -> Mujhe tumse pyar hai;
My tumse pyar karta hu.n
I really love you -> Mujhe tumse such me pyar hai;
My such me tumse pyar karta hu.n;
From the bottom of my heart -> Dil kee gaharaeon se
I love you with all my heart -> Mujhe tumse dil se pyar hai
away, get away-dafa ho
Rahasya means something like secret.
Maza ana - have fun
Sundar - beautiful

main aur tum log
(me and you people) => me and you

Chalnaa = go

roshni se bhare bhare (filled with light)
bismillâh (in the name of God) is said before eating

Khaao piio majaa karo "(Have fun with life and make something of it.)

Mudjse Shaadi Karoge ???
Will you marry me!!!

Dar - fear, fear
Daar - branch, stem

There are several forms of unhappy:
or also abhaga

tere liye means "for you".

- my hobbies are...
- I'm hungry / thirsty
- My favorite movie is...
- whats the time?
- where do you come from?

meri hobbies grove ..
- mujhe pukh lagi hain (hunger)
- mulhe pyas lagi hain (thirst)
- meri favorite film grove?
- Kya time hua hain?
- Tum kaha ke ho?

karta hoon means "I do"

Every day that you don't smile is a wasted day
har vo din jab tum nahi hansthe ho bekaar hotha hai

Rank - color
Safed - white
Kala - black
Lal - red
Peela / -i / -e - yellow
Nila / -i / -e - blue
Gulabi - pink
alone- akela
on par
bis- jab tak
then- tab
enough- bas
behind- pichhe
always- hamesha
now- from
more- ziyada
mit-ke sath
after-bad, ko
kya baja hai = what time is it?
sirf tum: only you
Janam, Sanam: honey
Nahin: No.
Haan, Ji: Yes
jade: remember
Why, how. Kyon, kya
Chori, Chupke: quietly, quietly, secretly
Khushi: Happy, happy
Chruria: the thin bangles are meant
Kangana: meaning the thicker ones with mostly hanging bells
Jadu: Magic, magic
Tara: Star
Sitara: Starlight
Chand: moon
Chandini: moonlight
Suraj: sun
hairaan: surprised
muhje iskii parvaah nahin: I don't care
Mera jaante hoon: I know
Passport: Enough
Dil: heart
Kuch naa Kaho: Don't say anything
Ladki: girl
Ladko: Boy
Hamesha: always
Hawa: wind
Fizaein: wind, air
Dekho, dekha: look, look, look

Dost, dosti: friend
insanii: human
narak: hell
dharm: religion
mausaam: Weather
maasuum: innocence
sangat: come together
subzi: vegetables
bhuut: mind
raakh: ash
dyia, diye: lamp
shola: flame
jazbaat: feelings
sazaa: punishment
Khwahish: wish
misaal: example
shak karna: doubt
Tere Liye: For your sake
Jasa, Jaisi: exactly, same (example Woh Chand JAISI Ladki = my moon SAME girl)
Aj: Today
pyaasa: thirsty
Hum: I, we
Tum: you
Atchaa: nice
sharmina hoona: (you say when you are embarrassed)
SHAKTI - (Strong, Mighty, Strong)
SHANTI - (peace and friendship and togetherness)
AATHMIKA - soul - breath - atmosphere - light of God
ABHILASHA - wish - longing
AMRITA - nectar, holy water
BHAIRAVI - goddess Durga (the goddess who rides a tiger, so a power goddess) - melody of music
BASANTI - spring
CHANDINI - moonlight
CHAMELI - flower (jasmine)
DARPANA - mirror
DHARTI - earth
GAURI - goddess Parwati
HRIDAY - heart
ISHWARIYA - divine
KALPANA - imagination
KAJAL - eye kohl
KAMALA - goddess Laxmi - lotus
LALITA - beautiful woman
MANORAMA - beautiful
MEENAKSHI - (beautiful) eye
MITALI - friendship
MRINALI - lotus stem
MUKTI - freedom
NAGINA jewel
NAMRATA - courtesy
NAINA - (beautiful) eyes
PANCHALI - princess
RAHUL - protector
RESHMA - silky smooth
REKHA - light, limits
SOWMYA - peace
SWAPNIKA - dream
SWARNIKA - gold, noble
SANJANA - harmony (pronunciation: sânndschânnaa)
SARASWATI - goddess of teaching
TRISHNA - longing
TAMANNA - wish
TVISHA - brightness (pronunciation: Twieshaa)
USHMA - heat
VAIDEHI - name of Sita, wife of god Rama (pronunciation: Weidehie)
VAIJAYANTI - Prize (Weidschâjânntie)
VASANTIKA goddess of spring (Wâsânntîkka)
What is your name? - Aapka naam kya hai?
My name is ... - Mera naam .... hai.

How are you? - Aap kaise hain? / Tum kaise ho?
I'm good. - Main achha hoon./ Main thiik hoon.

How old are you? - Aapki umar kya hai?
I am ... years old - Meri umar ... hai.
By the way, 'paasiina' means shit
Sitara: Starlight
Atchaa: nice
Devanagari: Mother
Jaya victory
Rani queen
Raja: king
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge - The brave heart gets the bride or The brave heart will take the bride away
Muhjse Dosti karoge - Let's be friends
Devdas - is a name but don't know the meaning
Dil Se - from the heart, from the heart
Chalte Chalte - step by step
Dil To Pagal hai - The heart is crazy
Mohabbatein love relationships, love stories
Kaal - dark, black
Hum Tum - me and you
Swades - home
I only want you: Main sirf tumhe chahta hoon (says the man)
Main sirf tumhe chahtinhoon (says the woman)

Favorite: Sanam or Dilbar

Deewana: Crazy

Come with me: Mere pass aao

Why did I fall in love: Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya

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