Like fattening is quiche

Welcome to the mast in the Erlenhof!

Dear guests, for the duration of the prescribed closure, we offer you a pick-up service with a limited menu from our menu.

We are here for you as follows:

Friday and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

From Friday, May 21. we recommend:

- Ham and cheese quiche € 8.90
- Vegetable quiche € 8.90
- Asparagus salad with mozzarella, spring onions and cocktail tomatoes € 6.00

On Pentecost Sunday we recommend:

- Beef consommé with flädle € 3.80
- Beef boiled fillet in horseradish sauce with fried potatoes and salad € 17.80
- Homemade rhubarb cake piece. 3.00 €

Offered dishes:

  • Schnitzel breaded with spaetzle or salad € 12.70
  • Turkey steak with herb butter and salad € 12.90
  • Turkey steak in cream sauce with spaetzle and salad € 16.00
  • Cream schnitzel with spaetzle and salad € 15.70
  • Cheese spaetzle with Gorgonzo cream 7.00 €
  • Baked potatoes with diced bacon and sour cream € 6.40
  • Large salad € 7.50
  • Large salad with sheep cheese and olives € 10.30
  • Large salad with tuna € 11.00
  • Large salad with strips of turkey 11.80 €
  • Garlic bread € 3.80

You can reach us at Tel 07041/3830

... is a traditional Swabian country inn, 15 kilometers away from Pforzheim, the gateway to the Black Forest. The rural surroundings and a location away from the main roads guarantee a relaxing and rejuvenating retreat.

The “Erlenhof” was built around 1905 under the name “Zum Kühlen Keller” by Wilhelm Linck, who was the owner of the Pflegehof brewery in Ötisheim at the time. Just a year later, the building was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. However, it was immediately rebuilt and continued to operate as an inn. The “Kühle Keller” was one of four inns - restorations as they said at the time - that belonged to the Ötisheimer brewery and were run by the Linck family: Learn more ...

You can get the best impression of us from the pictures of our house. Find out in advance about our food and drink offer and use our contact page to reserve a table!
For questions and further information please call us or send us an e-mail.

We hope you enjoy our website and look forward to welcoming you as a guest in our house soon!