What genre do Korean guys listen to

It is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people, to deal with the music of distant nations. Korean music is extremely popular in Asia and still quite unknown here.

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In earlier times (Korea was one of the first civilized countries on earth), classical Korean music was somewhat similar to the sounds known from Chinese restaurants. So overemphasized emotional for German ears. Since Korean is a very melodious language, the singing of the Korean "Schlager" comes across very gently. This original Korean music is also popular with young Koreans in karaoke bars.

Modern Korean music

Nowadays, K-Pop (Korean pop music) is one of Korea's best exports. In the completely isolated north of the country, western sounds are banned under severe penalty. In the south, on the other hand, the exact opposite is the case. America is very popular here and people like to imitate it. The girl group "Girls Generation" has been popular in Asia for several years. This has its origins in Korea and makes pop music for teenagers. Classical music by well-known German composers also remains frighteningly popular. In Korea, mastering an instrument is considered very cultivated. It is also scary that young people are already listening to classical music.

Listen to Korean Music Online

To get a good picture of Korea and the music for yourself, the online player on hit-Tuner.net is ideal! The names of the bands and music titles are sometimes even displayed here, so that the listener never misses a new hit. Korean music is on the rise. The best thing is to find out about it in good time. Otherwise you can't have a say in the latest trends ...