Is Madonna a billionaire

Madonna's net worth - how rich is the singer?

The Queen of Pop was born Madonna Louise Ciccone in Michigan, USA, in 1958. The singer had her first big hits in the early 80s, when she quickly rose to become an absolute superstar and style icon. "Like a Virgin *" stormed the charts in 1984, followed by "Material Girl *". The song became the artist's trademark and was a good omen. No other singer has ever been as successful commercially as Madonna, who has sold over 300 million records, making it number one on the list of the most successful female singers of all time.

How rich is Madonna, how big is her fortune?

In the spring of 2013, Stern magazine welcomed the artist to the billionaires' club and put her fortune in ten digits. The reason for the exorbitant estimate was the singer's huge success in 2012. At that time, Madonna earned more than any other actor in show business. At the time, the star relied on a report by the New York Post, which researched the singer's fortune and income. By contrast, estimates by other American sources of Madonna's wealth and income are somewhat more conservative. The business magazine Forbes only had the artist's fortune at around one in 2012 half a billion dollars estimated. The income per year was around $ 80 million prized. Madonna's current net worth im Year 2020 lies by $ 850 million.

But how much does she really earn? How high is your income, how big is your wealth? Apart from the Queen of Pop, only her accountant will know for sure. The artist herself is very much a lady here and does not speak publicly about money. Of course, a superstar cannot completely hide where his money comes from and how much he earns each year. Madonna shows herself to be a particularly busy businesswoman with a variety of different sources of income.

The entertainer earns a lot of money with tours

Madonna got rich primarily through the great success of her music and the exorbitantly high number of records sold. But that is not the entrepreneur's only source of income.

Madonna has always fascinated audiences with her person rather than her voice. And the artist always lived up to these expectations. When Madonna comes on stage, the audience can expect a real insane show. Nobody has ever left a Madonna concert disappointed, so the fans are not stingy either. The tickets for a concert of the singer are not only traded on the black market at astronomical prices. Watching Madonna in the cage or at the pole dance is often up to her admirers $ 1,800 per card value. The average prices are significantly lower, but the Queen of Pop easily fills stadiums with 20,000 spectators. A lot comes together quickly. Alone the legendary MDNA tour from 2012, which led Madonna around the globe, has around $ 300 million washed into the singer's cash register. For Madonna it was the ninth tour of her career.

Coconut water is good for her

The singer's estimated income of about $ 80 million a year has numerous sources that gush even when the artist is not giving concerts. Their mainstay are the sales of their phonograms and the licenses for their songs. But the successful entrepreneur also has a few other lucrative businesses up and running.

How does the diva stay as fit, flawless and attractive as she is today, beyond the age of 50? Madonna will be happy to tell you. Coconut water is the artist's unbeatable youth and beauty elixir. But whether the tip is completely altruistic? The pop icon invested in Vita Coco back in 2010, together with fellow actor Matthew McConaughey. The company is now one of the world market leaders for coconut water and soft drinks based on it. In the meantime, the range has also been expanded to include coconut oil-based care products. In 2017, a possible sale of the company to Pepsi Cola made headlines.

A similar deal had earned the rapper 50 cents over $ 100 million after taxes. The singer had invested in the vitamin water manufacturer Glaceau when it was a completely unknown start-up. The company was sold to the Coca-Cola group for $ 4 billion a few years ago. At the moment, nobody knows what Madonna will earn from the sale of her shares in Vita Coco when it comes to that. The value of the company was estimated by the investment bank JP Morgan at around one billion dollars. A profit in the double-digit million range should be in there for the far-sighted investor.

What else does Madonna get rich with?

The artist has also invested wisely in a number of other industries. For example, she marketed her personal charisma in 2011 when her first perfume was launched. The Queen of Pop founded her own company for this purpose and then sold the licenses to Coty, a big player in the market for scented water. That alone should the singer $ 60 million have brought in.

The fashion brand “Material Girl”, which she runs together with her daughter Lourdes, is also extremely lucrative. After all, mother and daughter earn some money from the chic clothes $ 10 million a year.

The singer has a golden hand when it comes to business. Failure is alien to her. Only once did Madonna have bad luck. The singer is also heavily involved in the “Hard Candy” fitness group, which operates fitness studios around the world. The German section, which was opened with a lot of glamor and by the singer personally, went bankrupt a year later, in 2017. The creditors number the outstanding claims 46 million euros. Madonna's German business partners, the Jopp brothers from Berlin, went into hiding. The bankruptcy has scratched the artist's image, at least in Germany, how much money she has lost personally has not yet been disclosed.

What does the Queen of Pop actually spend her money on?

The singer comes from a small family and, unlike other nouveau riche, she doesn't throw her money around. Many even consider them stingy. The superstar is said to have even asked her friends Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow to contribute to expenses after they used their private gym. Even when it comes to donations, the singer is not in the forefront in Hollywood. In 2008, extracts from the artist's tax file became known. Back then, the singer was alone on her “Sticky and Sweet” tour $ 110 million earned, but "only" $ 58,000 donated to charity. Badly paid stars often dig much deeper into their pockets.

But Madonna also indulged in a little luxury. In addition to two births, she takes care of four adopted children. In addition, she allowed herself two husbands who were unsuccessful in their job and to whom she paid a generous severance payment. In addition to the expenses for the family, Madonna also affords some luxury properties in prime locations. For a long time, this included a duplex apartment on the Upper West Side, one of the best addresses in New York City, but which the artist only recently bought $ 19 million resold. But she still owns a four-story townhouse in Manhattan that is about $ 40 million is estimated.