What must be read from Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy: War and Peace

Lev Nikolajewitsch Count Tolstoy (1828-1910) was a Russian writer who came from the noble family of the Tolstois. His works are among the most important in world literature. War and Peace was published in 1869 and has since been widely adapted for films, operas and plays.

On the one hand, the book is exciting to read. The reader becomes familiar with the characters and feels every twist. On the other hand, the plot is more complex and multifaceted than today's authors expect their readers to be. The number of characters alone is around 250 people. In the end, you literally have the population of a small village in your head.

It is about Russia at the time of the Napoleon campaign and alternates between historical battle descriptions on the one hand and descriptions of the interior through the eyes of different, mutually influencing nobles on the other. With Tolstoy, of course, it's not just “War and Peace” that is exciting. Anna Karenina in particular is counted among the works that one should have read.



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