How good is intuition

How good is intuition?

Expert interview
Managers often have to make serious decisions about situations and people under enormous time pressure and despite a lack of information. Often they rely on their intuition. In an interview, Martin Kersting explains why that is not bad per se, but can be problematic when it comes to personnel decisions. I met the professor for psychological diagnostics at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen at the personnel consultant day in Königswinter at the beginning of May.

Go to content: Intuition is a translation for "rapid cognition", that is, for fast information processing. This means that it is not, as many think, no information processing, but simply fast. This also answers the question of whether it is a good or a bad one That depends entirely on: for example, whether there is even the possibility of choosing a different type of information processing (such as analytical). When making personnel decisions, managers should be careful not to make decisions that are too intuitive, because we intuitively tend to do this or those prefer that are similar to us, but we quickly fall into the "Schmidt-sucht-Schmidtchen trap".
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